I am here is Detroit for #rieslingstudy018 and wow I am extremely impressed with the food scene!

So far we have hit Freja and it was all around excellent.

Warda Patisserie from a French Chef

Stadt garten

And the site of our event Ladder4

I have a long list of food related things to come back and discover and will update his thread.

AND if anyone happens to be in Detroit, today, June 18th the after-party for Rieslingstudy018 starts at 9, there will be an insane amount of wine still open and once in a lifetime live musical performances.

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Thanks for the invitation but I think I’ll be busy with Father’s Day. I have not made it to Ladder Four yet but plan to go soon. We had a great dinner at Oak and Reel last week(a block from Freya). Chartreuse was started by the Freya owner 10 years ago and is also excellent(and a block from the Art Institute)


Freya is great, Stadtgarten is a cool little [drinking] spot and there are many interesting restaurants that have popped up over the past few years. We just moved back from Chicago last fall… I knew that Detroit and the area had been experiencing a renaissance of sorts, but it’s been great to see how much things have changed for the better over the past decade.

Say hello to Putnam Weekly if he’s there. Was just downtown last night at Lumen before seeing Rodrigo y Gabriela. I think I’ll put some reisling on ice for later today!

PS - I assume you mean 9pm this evening?? (Duh, yes, looked up the event… bummer I didn’t catch this sooner)

dinner is 6-9 but long sold out. The after-party starts at 9 it is going to be quite the party! Two live musical performances from Detroit Hip Hop legend Quelle Chris and LA based Skinny Pablo and an ocean of great riesling going to to the 60s.

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Hit Baobab Fare for lunch. East African cuisines, I enjoyed it very much. Would go back for lunch.

Baobab Fare (@baobabfare) • Instagram photos and videos


Well I officially LOVE Detroit. Our event was a huge success. The musical performances were incredible. Ladder4 did an excellent job with the food and overall organization. There where 100s of bottles of riesling dating back to the early 60s, TBA’s, large format etc.

I will be updating this thread with more restaurant, food & wine info.

I highly recommend a visit to Detroit!

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We stopped in Detroit earlier this year on the way to a wedding in Michigan. We really enjoyed dinner at Selden Standard.


We went to Ladder Four tonight and it was excellent. The “sommelier “ loved it when I told him we came because of this bb.

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Does he play on here?

I thought I recognized that thumbnail. I had a fantastic dinner at Selden Standard several years ago. Glad they are still around, and thanks for the memory jog.

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I don’t think he does but he loved Robert’s event. When I commented that some of the wines were older than he is, he said some were older than his mother.

I am a walking advertisement for the Detroit food scene and especially Ladder4. So glad you went and loved it. Thank you. I hope you had the lemon pasta :slight_smile:

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the lemon pasta was outstanding. Thanks for the recommendation. Let me know if you ever need anything in Detroit.


Also, please let me know when you are having your next Detroit event


My pleasure. I definitely want to get back to Detroit soon. I think Chicago, LA and NYC will be the locations for the next events.

Back in Detroit for the Detroit Jazz Festival. I LOVE this city. We did dinner at Ladder4 on our first night and it was all around excellent once again.

We hit Cedarland, a Lebanese restaurant, for lunch and it was very good.

No dinner on Friday as we were at the festival, we did drink some great wine. Karriem Riggins is the artist in residence for the entire festival. Friday he put together and evening with Madlib and a diverse group of musicians that was just incredible. Karriem and Madlib played Riesling pour Robert, named in my honor, for the first time live! Listening to it live while sipping some Ulli Stein riesling is an experience I will never forget!

Our entire crew headed over to Motor City Wine for the Friday festival after party. What an amazing spot, great Jazz with an Ulli Stein Rose and a 2021 Holger Koch Kaiserstuhl Spätburgunder. What could be better!

After touring some Mies van der Rohe homes we were extremely excited to revisit Warda Patisserie, alas the French take extended summer breaks, even in Detroit. They are closed for summer break until 9/6. So we decided to try Fredi the Pizza Man, it was good, a solid B.

For you music geeks I got to meet Louis Hayes! A true OG Elder.

Robert - here in the Motor City this weekend visiting my family. Love your love for my hometown

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Robert–Welcome back. We had dinner last night at Mad Nice for the first time and were very impressed. The food and service were outstanding and the 2000 Krug I brought rocked.

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