Denver recommendations?

I’ll be in Denver for a conference for 5 days and am wondering about good wine stores near the Sheraton Downtown Denver hotel. Is there anything worth checking out within walking distance?

I’m also looking for good solo dining recommendations in that area of the city. Doesn’t have to be fancy – just tasty food and either a decent, reasonable wine list or good beer selections.

Thanks in advance.


Not really many or any good wine stores in the central city. I would avoid the 16th mall area. Ground zero for “interesting” characters.
Good wine lists in downtown, try Vesta, Guard and Grace, Tavernetta, if it’s open, The Mercantile.
RINO, stands for River North, east of Coors Field is the edgy, fun part of town. Lots of construction, but if you can make it through all the new buildings going up, try Cart Driver. Tiny place inside a shipping container. Fun wine, good Italian peasant food. Work and Class, Acorn, The Populist are all worth trying as well as The Denver Public Market. Lots and lots of brew pubs in the area.
Union Station and the surrounding area are also fun.

One wine shop that’s OK, but within walking distance is Wine’s off Wynnkoop.

If you are a beer guy, Falling Rock Tap house regularly stocks many of the Russian River Brewing beers, including Pliny the Elder.

Rioja is a great restaurant that is medium fancy, decent wine list and a nice bar to sit at if you are rolling solo.

Euclid Hall is another winner, more casual.

All of the above should be within walking distance of your hotel.

Larimer Square has good options for dining. Euclid Hall is a good choice for solo dining as you can sit at the counter overlooking the kitchen and chat with the chefs. Beer menu is quite good and you can’t go wrong with poutine or Pig Ear Pad Thai

I will put in a third recommendation for Euclid Hall.
There are so many beer places, you can’t even begin to list them all.
My favorite and one of the first is Great Divide. They have their original location near Coors Field and now a state of the art filling location in RINO.

nice for solo dining

Piling on with a Euclid Hall recommendation as well. Tavernetta unfortunately is closed for 9-10 weeks due to a fire but there are other good eats in and around Union Station (Mercantile Dining, Cholon, The Kitchen) It’s a short uber to Highlands and Bar Dough as well as Mondo Vino which is probably the best shop in reasonable proximity. Falling Rock is truth.

Euclid is fine but not exceptional. Great atmosphere but the food won’t blow you away. I like the Populist a lot–but not as good for a solo traveler as the tasting menu is the best order and requires two. Osteria Marco in Larimer Square has a great rabbit dish, decent wine list and is laid back. Sushi Sasa is very good (and sushi den is even better).

PM me, you’ll eat and drink very well…

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Barolo Grill

Chez Heaton? [cheers.gif]

Thanks, all. The recs are much appreciated!

Osteria Marco in Larimer Square also serves up suckling pig Sunday late afternoon/early evening, that’s been really good the three times I’ve ordered it. If interested, you need to call Sunday afternoon to make reservations and ask specifically for it when making reservations. Otherwise, it’s hit or miss as to whether they will still have any when you show up. Enjoy your time and safe travels!