deep discounts... at Mondavi?

K&L has the 2005 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cab for $69.99
I think they sold out to Constellation in 2004, does anyone have experience with these wines since then?

Unless we’re talking magnums, those are not deep discounts for me! [berserker.gif]

Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a very good price - that’s the going rate at Costco, I believe

$74.99 here in DFW at Costco.

It’s a good price, not fantastic, but good. In the scheme of where Mondavi Reserve is normally priced, probably about $30+ less than the norm.


hmm… I didn’t realize Costco carried good wines… Might be time to get a membership.

Well, I pulled the trigger already – I have a dinner party coming up I was thinking I might bring it to – I was planning on decanting it for an hour, pouring it back into the bottle, then driving over to the host’s place. Or maybe use the Venturi aerator device my friend has…

A great vintage and a wine that in my estimation is back on track (since 04), how could you go wrong?

It should be wonderful.

Steve, use the Vinturi. I really love that device.