Decanting recommendation needed – 2007 Domaine de Ferrand Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Taking this tomorrow to a special dinner. I have zero experience with CdP and want the wine to show well.

Besides pairing it with Sushi how would you approach this wine in regards to decanting? I’ve checked cellartracker and I am aware of the high proportion of flawed bottles so I will bring a back up.

Thanks for the help!

If you’re decanting this I would give it a quick decant right before you leave. allow for the travel time to be the decant.

While a lot of 07s are very forward, enough for many people to be a fault, others have been quite desultory. The last time I tasted Ferrand, it was the latter. I would open it a few hours in advance and taste it and depending on how you like the state it’s in, either pour out a four oz. glass and let everything breathe, decant for a couple of hours or, if you think the wine is ready, just leave the bottle as is.

I really did not care for this wine the last time I had it. Over the top on the ripe side. An 06 recently was much better. Decant as long as possible (at cellar temp ideally) and bring a back up bottle would be my advice.


This wine is a special case, as it re-fermented in bottle and produced lots of gas! So decant aggressively for an hour or two to let it de-gas. And tell me how it is, as I haven’t tried a bottle for a handful of years.

Just opened the bottle and took a sip.

It was sound! No effervescence, no funky off aromas. Just big ripe fruit. Double decanted quickly for sediment and it is back in the wine fridge. Taking it to dinner tonight in the next 5.5 hours.

I agree with Jonathan on this … and my last bottle was sound, no referment.