decanting advice - Guigal Cote-Rotie d'Ampuis 05

Some houseguests brought this bottle for us to enjoy together over the weekend.

I’ve never had a Cote-Rotie, but based on experience with ‘lesser’ northern Rhones would guess this could be closed up now.
We’re definitely going to have it this weekend.

Does anyone have any advice about a how to handle a young Cote Rotie?

8-12 hours would be my guess.

8-12 years would be mine.

Thanks Daniel.
I’ll decant it Saturday morning and serve it that night.

Please post notes on this wine, just picked a couple bottles up and would love to hear your thoughts on it.

If you are going to drink it now, I would think a dbl decant in the AM, would make it good for the PM. What do you think, Peter? You want to sell him some 1998 or 1999 instead, while his 05s age? [tease.gif]

These usually don’t show well young although I haven’t had the 2005. My '98s and '99s are far from mature although showing much better than on release. I would think a long decant would be in order somewhere between Dan’s number and Peter’s number. [bow.gif]

I wouldn’t serve the 05. My guess is that if you substituted something different (French)they would never know the difference. neener

If they did ask, I’d say something like " I forgot to decant it, so maybe another time!"

2005 is a great vintage in the Northern Rhone but it’s a very tannic year so if you must drink this bottle know, I think your guess is pretty spot on. But man, is this a baby…

Ack. Your projections about a tough young wine are what I’m afraid of.

They were excited about sharing this with me - a bona fide wineaux.

It is such a generous gesture to share it - I don’t see any way to not drink it this weekend. They seem to be into burly, oaky cabs - they may really prefer this as a youngster.
It is my first Cote-Rotie and I’d like to get the most out of it that we can.

Thanks for the advice.
I’ll post a note - but beware that I have no real frame of reference for such a serious northern Rhone.

Then if it’s anything like the '99 they should love it…lots of oak in that wine…but as Paul mentioned, the '99 is starting to come around.

I’d open the '05 the night before, pour off a couple of ounces, put the cork back in and check on it again the first thing in the morning.

Nice, Paul

Tasting note…

Decanted at 10 am, with a taste from bottom of bottle, then decanted back into bottle til 6ish.

Dark color, nose suggested dark fruit and a whiff of smoke. Palate is dominated by structure - but the tannins are fine and the acidity is strong without being harsh. Beneath all this is some blue and purple fruit that is very primary. The fruit seems to have the concentration to emerge, but for now this is a very structured wine. No sign of alcohol, nor to my taste any big oak.
Enjoyable with chicken and steaks off the green egg.

Basically, a big structured red consumed way too young. The quality of the structure, with the fruit obvious but buried, reminded me of young Barolo. I’m sure this will be a much more interesting wine in 12 to 15 years.