Decanting Advice for Burgundy Wines

I have a wine tasting I am going to on Friday. I picked up one red and one white from Burgundy and was wondering if anyone here had experience with either of them and if you could recommend a decanting time?

The Wines:
2012 Domaine Guerrin et Fils Pouilly-Fuissé La Maréchande
2012 Domaine Philippe Charlopin-Parizot Marsannay En Montchenevoy

Thanks for all your input everyone!


Hi Greg, while I’m not familiar with either of those two I would think both would benefit from a bit of air - say decant 2-3 hours before going to the tasting.

Greg. I wouldn’t decant either wine, especially the Pouilly Fuisse. You could pop the cork on the Montchenevoy for a couple of hours beforehand but I wouldn’t decant.

I would double decant a few hours ahead for the red and a couple or more for the white. I have not yet found a young Burgundy that did not taste better over the evening with some hours of air. If you are going to drink a bottle throughout dinner over a few hours you can watch it develop, but if you are going to taste it and want it to show what it has to offer, I would recommend a double decant beforehand. If the wine that young is going to fade and not develop with air, then I am not sure it is a worthwhile wine.

Thank you very much guys I will definitely do the double decant Idea on the red before work!