Decant Advice...Five 1989 Cab Based Wines

Dinner on Sunday night with a 4.43 pound Flannery Porterhouse. Advice please on the following. I am tempted for pop and pour on all of them unless somebody else has and opinion.

Diamond Creek Red Rock Terrace
S. Anderson SLD Richard Anderson Vineyard
Lynch Bages


Bill - I haven’t had any of the wines (or at least cant recall having them) but the CA Cab wines I would not decant. Perhaps just open them an hour or so before serving to make sure you don’t need to decant. If you then feel they could use a little air, I would just decant them off the sediment, rinse the bottle and return the wine to the bottle, gently. They should be fine.

Thanks Tony, that is what I was leaning toward.

I’d decant the Mouton and Lynch an hour or so before serving.

I’m with Tony, slo-ox them seems best. The 89 Meyney at FFII needed about 30min-1hr of air before it rolled around.

I wouldn’t decant any of the cali’s.

Wouldn’t decant the Meyney either…FF#2 was a 3L…the 750 should need much, I wouldn’t risk it.

Mouton, maybe an hour, wouldn’t go much farther than that.

Sounds like a couple of people will be there…just sit and watch the wines change on their own.