DC - Wed and/or Thursday May 17-18?

Hi all,

Looking to fill out an offline for my next DC visit. I’m free on May 17 and 18. PM or respond if you are interested.

May 17

  1. Me
  2. Neal M.
  3. Dave E.
  4. Tom?


May 18

  1. Me
  2. Joel
  3. Jeremy - dessert riesling
  4. Brian


Hey Dave,

I’d love to get together while you’re here. Any chance of another day though? This is the only night I’m not currently free as I’m planning to go to Panos’s DDC vertical that evening.

I definitely have some other friends that could join as well. Let me know if that’s an option and I’m happy to set up a dinner somewhere with good food that is generally either low or no corkage fees.

I’d be interested in joining. I’ve never attended one of these before so you’ll have to give me some guidance on what’s expected, but I’d love to meet up.

Would also be interested to meet up any other night, but booked on the 17th.

I was holding the 18th for something else but seems likely I’ll be free then. Happy to do two dinners. Joel and Ben, can you do the 18th?

If it’s your first dinner, the tradition is that you bring one bottle of 1982 Latour plus either a Champagne or a dessert wine.

OK, maybe not. These vary by group but generally the locals help identify a place that is corkage friendly and good and everybody brings a bottle and we share them over dinner. Sometimes there’s a theme, sometimes not. Sometimes one or two folks bring a second bottle, sometimes not. Sometimes we eat “family style,” sometimes not. I like to offer suggestions as to what I’m going to bring so people, especially those new to these dinners, can judge what to bring in terms of age, price, etc, - not that there’s any need to try and match or outdo anyone. Basically, the goal is to drink good mature wines with good friends (new and old) and good food.

My favorite way to do these is to have 6 people or so and have one white, one dessert, and four reds (which can have nothing in common or be 4 on a theme or 2 each on 2 themes). That works well with ordering 3-4 courses, whether we do it family style or just each order our own. Once we have a group, we can take the chat about the specifics to e-mail.


I could possibly make either date. I’ll know better next week

I will be staying near 17th and I (Eye), NW. No rental car but happy to cab/uber/metro anywhere reasonably convenient.

Some possibilities I could bring depending on what you all want to try -

1996 Ch. Leoville Barton
2000 Ch. La Tour Haut Brion
2005 Pavelot Savigny “Guetttes”
2005 Balthazar Cornas “Chaillot”
2005 Sorrel Hermitage
2011 Beaucastel
2012 Usseglio “Mon Aeiul”
2014 Charvin CdP
2003 Tempier Migoua
2001 CVNE “Vina Real” Gran Reserva
2004 Ridge Montebello
2002 Williams Selyem “Feeney” zin
2004 Lagier Meredith syrah

The above is a good indicator of my tastes, though I also love Italian reds, I just don’t bring them to these dinners, as they are my wife’s favorites. That said, I like pretty much anything from any country/region if it’s made in a more restrained/traditional style, except that for whatever reason domestic pinot noir, and sauvignon blanc from anywhere (other than in a dessert wine blend) have never done it for me.

Sure, the 18th will work just fine for me. Happy to invite some others DC regulars as well. Let me know if you’d like me to find a venue or if you had one in mind. I have a few spots relatively close by that may work well.

Good choice in wines and I have plenty that pair. If you’re looking for input, I’d lean towards the Barton, Sorrel, Ridge. I can throw out some options as well, depending if there’s a theme that the group leans towards.

Joel, that sounds great. I’d love for you to pick a place, and to fill out the roster once we know who is interested from the board. :cheers:

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I’d love to join on the 18th if you’ve got space and happy to volunteer for the dessert wine spot. I’ve got a couple of interesting rieslings I brought back from my time living in Germany that I could bring.


I’m definite for the 18th. My spouse is a maybe. And Joel, pick a restaurant along the red line (near DuPont?)

OK, let’s try to finalize these.

Last call for anyone not noted in the edited OP.

We already have an e-mail chain going for the 17th.

Brian, when will you be able to confirm for your spouse?

Joel, let us know a venue for the 18th and if you’ve lined up any others. Let’s try to get this group set in the next couple of days and we can discuss wines and other specifics by e-mail.

Sounds good. I’ll do my best on something off the red line, Brian.

A few questions,

Do you want to cap it at 6 people?

Do we have any strong food preferences/dislikes for this dinner?

I generally find 6 people/6 wines to be big enough to get a nice variety but small enough to get nice pours and be able to talk to everyone. That said, if others want to go bigger I don’t mind that either. I wouldn’t go any bigger than 8.

No food issues here - any good wine-friendly food in a corkage-friendly place works for me.

Cool. Usually I lean towards French bistro’s for the food quality/pairing. Only downside is the below avg glassware generally.

Start time preference? 6:30/7?

I’ll probably make a reservation for 8 people just in case a few of the local DC crew want to make it out.

6:30 would be my preference but happy to do 7:00 if it works better for others or the restaurant.

Red line is great as my hotel is near Farragut North.

French bistro sounds great.

Sounds good. I have a few spots in mind. I’ll settle on one this week and let you guys know which.

Dave/Jeremy, can you PM me your contact info please? Then I can take the lead on sending out the email if thats cool and invite a few others.

I’ll probably lean towards bringing a Champagne or Bordeaux or both.

And my spouse won’t be coming.