Danny Devito appearance in NJ 2/13/10...

If any of the local NJ Berserkers are interested, we’re having an appearance by the one and only Danny Devito in my store, Joe Canals Discount Liquor Outlet on route 1 south in Iselin. He’ll be touting his limoncello, signing bottles and hosting a tasting from 1pm to 5pm on that Saturday. From what I’ve heard he is a very friendly fellow and this should be a very good time. I will be doing my best to get him to post on here!

If you have questions call the store (732) 726-0077

He is a HOOT, Mark. Have a great time.

Gotta ask him if he misses Andy Kaufman…


Amazing turnout.

Nice turnout indeed, and great to see you Mark! All I have to say, is that I better like that Januik! neener I forget what else we picked up…Siduri maybe…I forget. Always a pleasure to see ya though! Cheers! -mJ

I was taller standing.
He was taller sitting.


sounds like fun!

Hope you took pictures