Dana Estates Live

Good friend loves these and has been on their list for a while, I’ve been lucky enough to have a few on a several occasions but never purchased…signed up last year because I like them and got the allocation this year…

Helms/Hershey/Lotus: 1,425 a 3 pack
Mags of each: 975

I am not one to cry poverty but at well over $500/bottle with tax and shipping…seriously? I know they are super small batch (281-329 case per vineyard) but this is just bonkers in the context of what else I can buy. Yea yea, shut up, don’t buy it, I get it but c’mon man…

Visited and tasted many wines a while back. Great stuff but they are aiming for a bigger baller than me, and I think they are getting the too. Out of my league now.

They make a great Sauvignon Blanc. The Cabs are very distinct, if you enjoy them there’s not much else from Napa like them based on what I’ve tasted.