Dallas berserkers

Heading to Dallas 2morrow until Thursday…I am staying at the Anatole

Any good wine spots or retailers? I know Addison very well…which retailers have the best bordeaux selection Siegals or Goodys? Thanx

Both Sigels and Goodys are good for recent vintages but if you want older stuff you need to go to Grailey’s. Great selection of old wines especially Bordeaux and Burgundy. Talk to AJ if he’s around but any of the people there are very knowledgeable and helpful. I encourage you to stop by and check it out, very cool place.

MarcF -

If you see anything cool at Graily’s, text me. Soulds like a cool place to check out.

I was on Grailys blog…wow…ballers over there…already emailed them

No love for La Cave by downtown?

Diminishing selection of aged wines and prices are insanely high. Heard the new owners are very nice but prices have kept me away. Storage conditions have always been first class so I can understand that commands a premium

I’m not from Dallas but I recommend Pappas Bros. Steakhouse - great wine list with some very well priced gems on it. When I was there in October I had a '96 Prieur Montrachet for $200. Was terrific.

I have purchased there - agreed, provenance is fabulous there and you do pay for it.