d´Yquem 2001 - should I do it ?

Since my first son was born in 2001 I am toying with the idea of buying some
Yquem 2001. The wine has received perfect scores from most of the critics, but
I haven´t tasted it myself.

This morning I see it on offer from a Swiss retailer for about €200 (USD 350) for
the half bottles.

Need help. Seeking psycological counsel.

Should I be s crazy to buy a bottle despite the economy, my budget and SOH ?
Or, given that this is one of the greatest wines of all time should I just do it and
be happy to drink it in 25 years ?

[scratch.gif] [scratch.gif] [scratch.gif] [shock.gif] [shock.gif] [shock.gif]


My philosphy is, if you can easily afford it (i.e., pay cash, without feeling any effect or without giving up anything else in exchange), then buy it by all means. Otherwise do not. There are many things much more important than a bottle of wine, no matter how good it may taste.

Wise words to get me out of the buying frenzy. Thanks LMD !

at that price, while i do not know your market, I expect that you will be able to find it again. i have heard talk of people finding the full bottles at $450-500US.

i have a daughter born in 2001 and she has a good stash set aside, so I would suggest keeping on the lookout…

Wise advice, LMD.