CVV Prologue. Anyone taste this at The Todd's?

I’m glad you enjoyed the Costco wine. I think a lot of people like to dislike them just because it has the “Kirkland Signature” brand on it. I admit to being in that camp for a long time myself and I still don’t like a lot of the other wines they’ve had but if they are making an effort to produce higher quality stuff for reasonable prices, I’m willing to give them a try.

When you are saying ‘should I pass’ does that imply passing on carrying it or passing on trying it yourself? Must be a way for you to get hold of a single bottle without having to bring it in to the store isn’t there?

Who said he’s buying a case here?

For $22, you can get plenty of wines that you don’t have to “struggle” with liking or not. Heck, you can still pick up the '05 Vieille Cure for around $20 from Max. Think of how many nice BDX are out there for $22 and less.

Do you know if there is one master blend/bottling for the Costco wines? Or is it like Two Buck Chuck where they bottle new batches all the time and the wine you buy today may bear no resemblence to the wine you bought last week?


Mo 3 cases of 2005 LVC, 700 bottles from 05 Bordeaux, thus my comment no room.

For this particular wine, from this particular vintage, it’s all the same “batch”. According to the label, sourced from “Premium Vineyard sites, 2/3 Oakville, 1/3 Napa Valley” and aged for 20 months in barrel.

I would think that from vintage to vintage they may be completely different.

I am speaking now of just the 07 Signature Series Cab. Who knows what they do for all of the other stuff.


I do plan on trying it. I bought the 2006 without because we do so well with other CV wines, I figured it was a no brainer.

A disclaimer or three…

1.) I get paid to say good things about Anderson’s Conn Valley…along with a number of other brands
2.) Todd Anderson is a close personal friend
3.) My opinons aren’t necessarily the same as the people that pay me to say good things about their wines…

The 2007 Prologue is a little less than half estate fruit. It is 100% Napa.

We’re almost sold out…and it’s on restricted allocation from the Winery to make certain we have enough to get to the 2008 vintage. the brand was always intended to be an ON PREMISE only brand for the first 3 years as CVV loses money on the brand. If you’re going to lose money, lose it in a By The Glass situation where you can get some sampling. (conventional marketing wisdom 101) The horendous 2009 economy changed that a bit.

2008 will not carry “Napa,” and will instead carry “North Coast” as the grapes will have come from Napa, Sonoma and surrounding areas. 2008 was short, we needed to put as much as we could into the Estate Reserve Cab.

How this wine or any of the other vintages were…“not good”…baffles me. (Refer to above disclaimers) Then again, we sold out quicker than would have been ideal…so, something about the wine is good…I’m guessing.