CVV Prologue. Anyone taste this at The Todd's?

Did any of you who were at The Todd’s taste the 07 Conn Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Prologue? For $25, this might be quite a good deal if it’s decent. I picked one up last night that I’ll try this weekend.

Negative on that.

2007 Cab from ACV at that price point seems like a no brainer to me.

I did not have it at Todd’s but have tried it many time and loved it each time. Kind of monolithoic but overall a great little cab for the money. Nice fruit up front very blueberry rich a very small amount of Acid and soft well intergrated tannis makes this a great wine to have by the glass many enjoy this while sitting around the fire pit or on the deck with a burger.

In effort of full disclosure I do sell this wine in my store. The reason I sell this wine in my store is because of the information above.

I bought some of the 07 and haven’t received it yet. Otto, did and hated it. Not the first bottle he has poured down the drain though. [swearing.gif]

At this price point, my basis for comparison (believe it or not) will be the 07 Signature Series Cab I had last week from Costco… aka the new Kirkland Signature stuff… That was a good cab for $21… Therefore this one should be $4 better right? [berserker.gif]

If I can ever find out about the ‘closeout’ wines I saw when at The Todd’s, and place my order (possibly also for some black label PS), maybe I can pick up a bottle or two of that as well, but it doesn’t seem like Dave, Van, or The Todd are very active in getting us the info!

Hate to tell you this and not a retail post but this wine sells for $21.99 in IL, In either event this wine will kick the sh.t out of any Kirkland brand wine.

i honestly have never liked many of the Kirkland wines but I would ask that you do try their new “Signature Series”… Especially the 07 Napa Cab. For the money, it’s pretty good stuff.

FWIW, I’ll pop this tonight and post the note here.

I didnt like the 06 at all. Nothing near drinkable, hot, rubber, a mess IMO.

I love cabs but this was really bad.

2006 Prologue was an awful wine.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did sell this wine in our store, but no longer after I tasted it.

The 2005 wasn’t any good either.

My notes are in Otto’s earlier thread on the 2006.

Just popped this 07. First impression is that it certainly isn’t awful by any means. It’s a $25 Napa Cab. So far so good.

Unless you are offering free shipping to California, that means nothing to me.

flirtysmile flirtysmile

I found the 2006, while not a very complex nor profound Napa Cab, to be a very solid and drinkable wine. I think the 19 CT tasting notes (with an 89.9 average) was fairly representative of the wine. I do, however, think it’s a little overpriced at $25. It should be $20 (or less).

Shilo and I are headed back up to Napa for Labor Day weekend and plan on going to ACV as last time we just went to his house. If you need me to pick up something, let me know…

Ok - below is the note. My score of 85 is the lowest amongst all CT tasters. Take that for what you may but I think it’s pretty accurate. For the price, this isn’t a bad wine by any means but I’ll go out on a limb and say that the 07 Costco “Signature Series” Cab I had last week was quite a bit better and I would challenge any of you to try it blind (and compare with this if you can) before you start throwing rocks.

  • 2007 Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Prologue - USA, California, Napa Valley (8/21/2009)
    Popped and splashed into a decanter and shared the bottle with Lisa over the course of about 4 hours. The wine shows some tart dark red cherry and black currant notes on the nose. Mildly tannic on the palate with a bit of a rough feel and a slightly green, stemy edge that was more prominent at first and mellowed out a bit with some time. For the price, this is pretty decent but I was hoping for a bit more out of it. (85 pts.)

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Does anyone know the fruit sources for this wine? Honestly, I have not tried the 2007, but Rob’s tasting note hardly looks inspiring and considering that the 2006 was not too good (IMO), should I pass?

My man, Larry Kaplan, anythoughts?


Shipping a case to CA from IL of Prologue, versus paying CA sales tax is a wash. You should know that.

Rob I haven’t received my 07 Prologue yet. I did however try an 07 Kirkland Signature. One day one it was far too acidic, dis-jointed and the fruit was overly tart to me. Day two the wine was better and more balanced. One day 3 I actually enjoyed it. I wish I had some room in the cellar as I think it may be a nice wine with a year or two for the $22.00 price.