Customs Broker Recommendation

I have a case of wine stuck in customs that was shipped with DHL from abroad. They notified me that they cannot release alcohol to private customers and require a customs broker to release it.

I shipped many cases from outside of the US before, but never ran into this issue. However, they might not have used DHL as a carrier.

Does anyone have recommendations for a customs broker that can help with clearance for reasonable fees? This is only one case of wine…

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Maybe MBE, Cote d’Or, or Domaine?

Can Adventures In Wine help with this?

You need an importer in CA who has an import license and the COLA label approvals, DHL has an in house brokerage team who can file the customs entry.

DHL can be really, really difficult with alcohol.


DHL can be sticklers for paperwork and duties on a lot of things. I have learned over the years.

Thanks, Patrick, that’s helpful. I’ll see if the store can handle it, they were supposed to deliver to my door…

Patrick conveniently forgot to mention that he is an importer in CA lol.

I know Patrick well, Andrew

Strongly suggest Agiloc. They are based in California. I have personal experience with Wayne and I is very well versed, thorough and very communicative. If you would like contact info, PM.
Best of luck.