Current Favorite Beaune Restaurants?


What are the current favorites? Our last time there was in 2009, so I am wondering what’s in, out, up, down, etc. Thanks for your input!

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One place I went to for lunch last summer was la Miotte in Ladoix. Excellent.

Here are my very favorites some not right in Beaune but close.

Aupres du Clocher in Pommard
La Cabotte in Nuits St Georges
Le Cellier Volnaysien in Volnay
Le Chambolle in Chambolle Musigny
Caveau des Arches in Beaune
Ma Cuisine in Beaune(I like this place still)
Tontons in Beaune
Les Eccusson in Beaune
Les Parts des Ange in Beaune

On the outer areas:


Chez Guy

Bligny sur Ouche

Le Ferme de la Ruchotte (Sundays and Special occassions only)

My favorite in beaune is jardin des ramparts, it’s on par with la cabotte.
Aupres du clocher is excellent.

It’s been a little over a year but agree with the Tontons and Jardins des Ramparts…


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If offered, get this:

Snails [escargots gris de Bourgogne] in marrow

Which of these has a great wine list at reasonable prices?

Lots of great suggestions. So far, just one reservation, at Caves Madeleine. We will make more as we get closer to town. From the lists above, the one place we really did not enjoy last time we were there was Tontons. Other than that, not a bad meal was had, so we have high hopes for this trip as well. We head to France Wednesday evening and will be in Beaune from 10/26 through 10/31.

By the way, where is the love, if any, for Bistro de l’Hôtel?


Love the poulet de bresse and the wine list at Bistro de l’Hotel!

Hey Paul, you and Manlin both, I believe. Can you help me make sure which Bistro? The one in l’Hotel de la Poste, or soemwhere else in Beaune?

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Andrew, not La Poste. This one - It is right in the center of town.

Thanks, I knew the Post did not seem right.


Been there twice (once each in 2012 and 2011), good but doesn’t blow me away like Jardin des Ramparts. Part of the issue is that it’s sooo hot in summer (much hotter than Ma Cuisine). Also, I might like it better if I had someone to share the Bresse chicken with (it is for two, so I passed as my wife is vegetarian).

We were there in July/August and enjoyed: La Ciboulette, Ma Cuisine, Le Petit Paradis, and Le Comptoir des Tontons (Pepita was great to talk with). Of course, nothing beats the market on Saturday (at least in the summer): we made a great meal out it.

We had a wonderful time and I will try to post dining notes beofre year-end!

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Les Tontons > all.

(btw the exact name is “le comptoir des tontons”)

Chez Guy, Le Charlemagne, Le Chassagne are other places I typically visit, but they aren’t in Beaune.

Agree wholeheartedly on Tontons!!

No love for Benaton? We had a great meal there dining outside on a summer’s evening and found some decently priced wine on the list too.

I had an excellent no-reservation/walk-in late lunch at Loiseau des Vignes, located just around the corner from the Hospices de Beaune. The wall of wine available by the glass is rather impressive and quite frankly, drool-inducing. Everything about the meal was outstanding.