Crappy way to start the weekend...but life could be much wor

UPS showed up…it’s RHYS!!! Yahoo!! So far so good, bring the box over to the kitchen island and open it to look at the loveliness inside. I’m not sure why I do this but I generally don’t bring the box downstairs to my storage anymore, maybe it’s because I did a massive cardboard/styro cleanup about a year ago that took me about 4 hours to clean up, so now I tend to walk the bottles downstairs by hand…4 at a time, it’s the ceremony of this that I think I like. Anyway, on to the crappy part…the first 4 bottles make it just fine, tucked away in the spot I had planned for them and their 3 friends are on their way down to join the first 4 bottles when…my flip flop bends under my foot on the stairs and to save my neck and break my fall I must let go of the wine and watch horrified as I fall (I’m ok, thank you. :slight_smile:… 3 bottles go flying out of my hands, 2 explode on the concrete floor below…one lays on the bottom stair right side up. In summary, my stupidity and clumsiness this afternoon made me break 2 bottles of Bearwallow. Gotta say, that one bottle of Skyline Syrah is a tough little lady! When I drink her a few years from now I’ll remember with fondness how she survived the crash of 3/11/11.
Of course, watching what mother nature is doing around the world today makes me feel silly for even caring about 2 bottles of wine.
Hope all of you Berserkers are safe and have a wonderful weekend.

Doh! Flip flops and stairs do not a good combination make. If you ever find yourself in Cbus I’d be glad to open a lost bottle for ya’.

Ugh. That blows. Tell yourself they might have been corked. It might take the sting off a bit…

I’ll sell you a Bearwallow at cost and then we can each have 1 in our cellar if you cover the shipping.

Sucks when stuff like that happens. Reminds me of a buddy of mine who won’t ever wear flip flops in case a rumble breaks out…truly believes he can’t fight in flip flops so won’t even own a pair.

Gotta love it…if there’s a fight, it’ll be a brawl.

Sorry to hear about your pain.[cry.gif] I mean the wine, of course, not your body. Time to install that dumbwaiter you’ve always wanted deep down but were afraid to admit to yourself that you did so you can safely move wine from upstairs to downstairs!

As a martial artist, I will also back up your buddy, Kris, and verify that flip flops are bad for fighting in and one should never ever wear them under any circumstances except on a sandy beach if at all. Like him, I also refuse to ever own a pair. [soap.gif]

Apparently, they are also devastatingly bad for wine cellaring and storage! The makers should be sued and put out of business! [smileyvault-ban.gif] See? Join the Wine Berserkers board and learn a valuable new life lesson! [drinkers.gif]