Crap...Gonon St. Joseph 2013 Pre-Arrival email received...

DAMMIT! I was supposed to swear off ALL wine for a LONG time since I bought way too much on BerserkerDay, and here comes 2013 Gonon St. Joseph on Pre-Arrival for $46.99…

Worth chasing down, or better to find the ‘deals’ on 2012?

Haven’t seen too many “deals” on Gonon, 2012 or otherwise - the prices I see for back vintages are on par with or higher than the first 2013 offers. I’m in for a few.

Jeff J

A ‘few’ being the operative word. Another example of a week Euro not having much impact on pricing.

Plus, that’s one hell of a big jump from the $28 (net of 10% case discount) that the 2012 sold for at release.

Sorry, had to edit. Price of 2012 was $31 per at release.
The 2011 was $28.

No doubt - wow, I had no idea the '12 sold for that. I’ll hold off, see if anything like that comes up again

I think this is more of a factor of Envoyer playing on the coolness of this producer, just as they have with Clos Rougeard. 2012 was available for $10 less from most places compared to Envoyer last year.

There is a big price difference between Chambers St and others, who are selling bottles Kermit Lynch brought in. I paid $45 for the 12 from a west coast retailer. Todd, you’re unlikely to see that price outside of Chambers St.


Normally I get my Gonon from Chambers St, but currently they have none, and I must have missed the ‘alert’ here, as I’m sure it was posted with all the Gonon-o-fans here. Will wait for the next load they get, perhaps. They do seem to have the best pricing, by quite a margin, every vintage

I haven’t gotten any Gonon offers from Chambers, FWIW. Curious if anyone else has, but there may not have been an alert. I still don’t know what retailer sent you an offer!


It’s $44 wholesale in Washington state for the 12’.

… which is why I buy it from OR or CA!

(Seriously, though, I’ve never seen it on the shelves in WA, and I don’t think I’ve gotten an email offer from a WA retailer. I figured it never made it up here.)


All a matter of taste, to me there is no comparison. French over Cali.

I paid that for my 12s.

The question is, what’s the vintage like?

Robert, the “it” is Gonon, not Syrah. I buy Gonon from CA or OR because WA has ridiculous wholesale pricing.


No Chambers alerts here either but I received the EFW offer today and bit immediately. I’m a buyer all day long at 46 bucks.

Ha, sorry I misread!

BTW, 2012 is decent but for my palate nowhere comparable to '09-'11.

Your palate is weedy, green, horse poop. We established that in the Olga thread. neener

I bought the 2012 from 3 different retailers and the pricing ranged from $35 to $50. The $50 was the first offer I saw, which I foolishly jumped on out of fear that I wouldn’t see it anywhere else. The cheapest was CSW, who DIs it themselves IIRC.


I have purchased the odd bottle of Gonon here and there (one 2010 and two 2011’s) from Pete’s Wines in Bellevue. They were expensive $53.95 plus tax!

The Envoyer email said very poor flowering led to small bunches and lower yields. Similar to 2007 and while there is still a cool, mineral feel to the the vintage’s wines, unlike 2007 it is also a very powerful year with wonderful concentration and one built for the cellar.

Lower yields, again? Same comment by Jean Gonon about the 2012 during a local in-store tasting last year.