Could Bern's handle a big group of Berserkers???

Why/how have we never had a bigger Berserker event at Bern’s? (I’ve never been there, btw)

Would this be possible, and/or advisable?

It would definitely be possible, but not sure it would be advisable…

That is one great idea…

I’d be in.

Count me in as well.

you could do a group of tables with different budgets for wine.

… or, everyone chips in a minimum amount (to be decided), and we let the Som loose in his cellar. There’s no way this offline would be a BYO event. That would defeat the purpost of a Bern’s visit. I’d look forward to my 3rd visit.


I have yet to get to the Shrine as well. Tagging this post in case anything gets organized.


If anyone has the means or knowledge to contact the powers-that-be from Bern’s, any friends (I’m sure there are some here, regulars who know the staff), feel free to reach out!

This would be not be possible. They are booked 100% every single night of the year. On Saturday and Sunday they do 800-1000 covers per night. The biggest group you could do would be 12 people in the André Tchelistcheff room. Not to mention there is no way the somms could handle a large group of beserkers. When I have done the André Tchelistcheff room we usually give the somms a weeks notice as to what we want to drink so they can start to prepare and this is only for 8-12 people.

I am both a regular and friends with the somms see post above. Happy to give you thoughts on the private room.

Yeah I think this is right. It’s the busiest restaurant I’ve ever seen, by leaps and bounds. Remarkable, really.

What Robert said. Or you can do takeout and have them open the wine warehouse across the street. That would be the ultimate Berserker event!!! grouphug

Or you guys could man up and take the place private.

I’m sure 40-50 Berserkers could make up for 800 lost covers.

Hey Ray - I actually thought of this before posting. I just don’t know how they could handle the wine service. It takes a lot of time to go down in the cellar find bottles and to open them with the care required to open.

*Unless of course by taking the place private you mean to buy the place : )

As long as you tell them the wines you want a few days in advance, I don’t think that would be a problem. The problem is I’m sure they’d want at least $150k for the buyout.

I don’t see it. When I have done the private room it takes one somm for ~10 people. Between the time it takes to open older bottles, sending bottles back selecting new ones etc. It would have to be a very regimented night which takes the fun out of it.

I will say if you do it I am in!

3k per Berserker.


That’s before the wine.