Cost of vineyard land in France

Want to abandon your drab surburban life and go make wine in France? :wink:.

Before looking into the cost of actually producing wine, here is the average price of AOC vineyard land.

Prices are official figures from SAFER, an agency under French government control.
AOC Average price per hectare Difference with 2018

Champagne 1,108,000 euros -1.9%
Bourgogne-Beaujolais-Savoie-Jura 189,200 euros + 4.0%
Alsace-Est 137,900 euros + 1.5%
Bordeaux-Aquitaine 105,100 euros + 3.4%
Vallée du Rhône-Provence 49,300 euros +3.2%
Val de Loire-Centre 32,300 euros + 4.0%
Corse 23,200 euros + 7.8%
Sus-Ouest 13,400 euros -2.0%

… and here’s Bordeaux alone

AOC Average price per hectare Difference with 2018

Bordeaux rouge 15,000 euros Prices down
Côtes de Bourg 21,000 euros Prices down
Sauternes 30,000 euros Prices stable
Graves rouge 34,000 euros Prices rising
Médoc 55,000 euros Prices down
Haut Médoc 75,000 euros Prices down
Saint Emilion 290,000 euros Prices rising
Saint Estèphe 550,000 euros Prices stable
Pauillac 2,300,000 euros Prices rising

Sorry, I had presented these figures in a Word table, but the formatting was lost when I pasted it.

As you can imagine, the price differential between Bordeaux rouge and an AOC entitled to grand cru classé status, or Bourgogne rouge and Grand Cru vineyards is mind-bending.

Best regards,
Alex R.

Best regards,
Alex R.

I’ll take the one in Champagne, thank you. Interesting post.