Corra Released

Corra released today… Check your e-mail if you’re a buyer.

Ugghhh…wasn’t counting on this one for a month or so.

Oh . . . this is a wine. I thought at first it was a felon being paroled. newhere

I hear you Tex…feeling it too…though I bought a three pack. Like it too much.

Love this wine! Took all I was offered.


I’m sure Serge could fulfull your fantasies neener

6+1 for me.

What were others offered?

That was my offer as well.

6 + 1 here. I was in at the ground floor and have bought virtually everything that has been offered so my guess is that this is the max offer (but I could be wrong).

This is an easy buy for me every year. Solid product. Solid producer and great people to deal with. Less than $300 for a magnum when Harlan, et al. are at $400 for a 750ml? Easy buy.

Tempted to take the magnum but in the end, just took my usual 3 regular bottles.

Ugh! I must be in some 2nd tier. No email for me so far. [beg.gif]

Just got the second-wave email today (2/16) offering 6 750s but no mag. Went for 4.

Mags must be gone. I was offered today on the apparent 2nd wave. Took 6 and wishlisted another 6. I rationalized I better take all the 2007 I can get, then I’ll stop buying - right after 2009 BDX futures…

(Drift: Why are Cali mags [and all large formats] so much more expensive than 750’s? Frenchies are a little more than 2X 750’s, but some of the Cali wines ask for a huge premium for large formats. Maybe I’ll start a separate thread on this some day soon.)


I personally adore Celia Welch and have supported her since the inception of this project. I purchased my allocation without any remorse. [basic-smile.gif]