Corne' Kegs

Been getting lots of requests about kegging rose’ and some whites from restaurants, but have some real concerns about the kegs. Heard from a number of people that the kegs start to lose integrity after about a month of “bottling.” What have other people experienced and how do you deal with this. Also, really questioning if this is really fiscally smart or just something you do to maintain relationships with great accounts?

It sounds like you are looking to use what Cornelius, or Cornie kegs. These are not nearly as reliable as a standard Sanke keg. The Cornie kegs are much harder to clean, and have a lot of parts and seals that can fail. While I found Cornie kegs to be inconsistent, Sanke kegs are much more reliable if properly cleaned, purged and filled.

I don’t know… I’ve used corny kegs for almost 20 years, first homebrewing and then later for short term wine storage for topping. Never had a problem with the kegs themselves. Had problems with the lines and tap keeping them clean. How are they going to dispense the wine? Cobra head tap? Something more sophisticated? Just like with beer the lines need to be cleaned and the tap head need to be cleaned out all the time…