Cork sucked into bottle?

2006 Rivers Marie OccidentaL Vineyard waiters corkscrew lifted cork nicely, but broke leaving 1/3 cork at top of bottle neck. I tried to reinsert the waiters cork screw, not forcibly. To my surprise cork got sucked down and made a champagne popping sound. I doubt I created enough vacuum with cork extraction to do this. Wine was a bit too extracted and heavy compared to other wines from RM, especially with 15 years of age.

Any explanations?

Did the wine suck?

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Interesting. You must have somehow created a vacuum.

When that happens, the cork is said to have ‘Costanza’d.’

Was the wine cold?

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sounds like you have a case of the corksuckers

With one of these, you can stop sweating this situation. They work like a charm. Some are as cheap as $6.

Cork retriever.JPG

The wine was 58f from my cellar. I didn’t care about retrieving the cork. Just before this I opened an 2005 ROAR Pisoni which had a high VA level, down the drain it went. I wanted an older pinot, thus the 2006 RM. Initial taste I thought was VA again! This blew off, but wine was too big and not what I wanted. Usual RM perfumed jammy delights, med weight. Drinkable, but thats it.