Copain Fall Release

I’m kind of surprised nobody has posted about this yet. Just got my second email reminding me about the Copain Fall Release. Copain has been hit or miss for me. Some bottles have been great, others have seemed incomplete. I’m torn as to whether to go in on this release. Just splurged on Sojourn and Carlisle, I’m not sure this is in my budget.

Is anyone else buying?

I bought the en Haut Pinot and the Hawkes Butte Syrah. I also recently reloaded on the Baker Ranch Syrah from the last release. I think these will all be great after some cellar time.

I enjoy the Copain wines, and I have bought at least three bottles of every wine that Copain has offered over the course of the last several years. It turns out that that is a lot of wine (and I am out of storage). I now need to drink it.

While I might consider buying one bottle each of these wines, Copain’s three bottle minimum purchase of each wine is simply (two) too much of it for me to buy at this point. One day I will buy the Copain wines again, and, when I do, I hope that Copain will welcome me back with an understanding that my current lack of wine buying is nothing more than a result of my prior overindulgence in their wonderful wines.



Same purchase here, also received an e-mail that the Hawks Butte was priced wrong and should have been $120 for the three pack.

I did as well. That was a nice surprise. How long do you think you will wait before popping the first HB?

I’m still sitting on all my 06’s which is rare for me, but am drinking a '07 Tous Ensemble Pinot right now and should have order a hell of a lot more of these.

It sounds like alot of us are buying the same wines. No e-mail here (I never received an email about the new offer either) but this is certainly a nice surprise.

As has been repeated many times the minimum 3 pack buys for each wine make these a difficult purchase if at all. Too many bottles from one maker with minimum buys makes for a lot of skipped allocations. I’m eyeing the En Haut Pinint and the Hawkes Butte Syrah but usually I just end up forgetting to order.

Is it true the Hawkes Butte was lowered to $40 each?

The email I received indicated that $40 was the price stated on the newsletter (which I still have not seen) but that it was priced incorrectly on the ordering site. I am waiting to see the credit on my cc account at the moment.

I’m absolutely obsessed with the Copain wines from 2006 and 2007. Buy all I can get my hands on. So, needless to say, I maxed out this allocation.

I am with Tom on this one. The 2007 wines are all excellent, having tasted them now both from barrel and bottle. I did send Copain an email this week asking Jennifer if she would explain the continued 3-pack ordering scheme but I have not heard back. While it’s bothersome for certain orders, it’s worth it to me to take the 3 bottles and enjoy them over time. Having 2 bottles versus 3 on wines like these, I can continue to deal with it.

I don’t have my order in front of me but I am pretty sure the HB was $45 each. $135 for the 3=pack. FWIW, the 2007 Copain syrahs are the best yet Wells has made.

A couple hours after my order went through I received an e-mail from Jennifer that the HB and Harrison were priced incorrectly on the order form and should have been $120 for three pack, she stated that I would see a credit on my credit card but what I see now is that I have been charged both ways and the higher payment has not yet been removed.

I am the same re the 3 packs. Really like Copain and would buy but have passed the last few mailers as a result of this.