Contra Costa County Wine Heritage

The Visit Concord website’s blog features an itinerary for exploring the wineries and points of interest across Contra Costa County…

A downloadable map of the county’s wine producers is found at the bottom of this post

Visit Concord
“‘Wine-Down’ with a Wine-Centric Weekend in Contra Costa County”
by Karen Bakar

"…Mount Diablo and Shadowbrook Winery - Walnut Creek

"The grandaddy of outdoor adventure in Contra Costa County is Mount Diablo State Park, the third highest peak in the San Francisco Bay Area. While there are countless amazing treks within Mount Diablo State Park, the 6.2-mile Grand Mountain Loop Trail is the definitive Mount Diablo experience. Starting and ending at the Juniper Campground, this connection of trails circumvents the summit along varied and steep terrain with stunning vistas on every side.

"Half a mile from the foot of Mount Diablo’s North Gate entrance is one of the area’s finest wineries, Shadowbrook. With a state-of-the-art tasting room, sprawling vineyards, and Mount Diablo as a backdrop, the ambiance here is unparalleled.

"…Mount Wanda/John Muir Nature Trail and Viano Vineyards - Martinez

"It’s hard to imagine tranquil, natural beauty being so close to a busy freeway. But that is exactly what you will find at the intersection of Highway 4, Alhambra Avenue, and Franklin Canyon Road, where the trailhead for Mount Wanda and Muir Farm begins.

“As you ascend the Mt. Wanda nature trail loop at the John Muir National Historic Site, you are quickly transported to a landscape of rolling hills that once encompassed private ranches and is now protected by the John Muir Land Trust. The 2.9-mile trail offers sweeping views of the Bay, Mount Diablo, the Carquinez Strait, and even Mount Tamalpais in Marin.”

"Ten minutes away from the trailhead is Viano Vineyards, founded in 1920 by the Viano family, originally from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy and now with its 4th and 5th generations in Martinez. Guests here have the opportunity to taste and purchase a wide array of excellent, well-priced wines - from Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and French Columbard, to Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay, and Sangiovese - while enjoying Viano’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

"Black Diamond Mines and Hannah Nicole Winery - Antioch and Brentwood

"On the Eastern edge of Contra Costa County, in the town of Antioch, is Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, where hiking and history unite. The preserve contains relics of three long-gone mining towns, former coal mines from the 1800s, and sandstone mines that once supplied Oakland’s Hazel-Atlas Glass Company from the 1920s until the mid-1940’s.

"You can take a guided tour to learn about the area’s history and geology and/or hike one of the many trails that crisscross the open hills. The Old Homestead Loop trail features lovely views, some steep terrain, and a burst of wildflowers in the spring, but there are countless other hiking options of varying lengths.

"After a morning at the mines, head to [Brentwood’s] Hannah Nicole Winery, which is about 12 miles away. The grapes on its 54 acres are sustainably farmed and planted with all red Bourdeaux varietals, Grenache, and Mourvèdre, as well as some New World Petite Syrah, renowned Sauvignon Blanc, and Viogner white varietals.

"Vic’s and William Welch Wines - Martinez

"You’ll find one of the best brunches in Contra Costa County in Martinez, at the family-run Vic’s, which also serves lunch and dinner. The atmosphere here is rooted in traditional hospitality, and the food is on-trend and sure to please everyone.

"…Less than three miles and a 10-minute drive away is another family-run business, William Welch Wines, on Ranchos Las Juntas. With a similar climate to Napa Valley, this winery enjoys warm days and cooling breezes off the Carquinez Straits at night. Using the dry-farming method due to limited water, the vineyard produces two traditional California grapes, Petite Syrah and Zinfandel.

"…Canyon Club and Captain Vineyards - Moraga

"On the other side of the county, near Oakland and on the border with Alameda County, you’ll find rolling hills, steep canyons, and slightly cooler weather due to more fog, especially in the mornings and evenings.

"The aptly named Canyon Club Brewery is a popular gathering spot in Moraga with expansive outdoor seating in a casual, festive setting. Technically a brewery, they also serve wine, hard cider, and kambooza.

"…Head down St. Mary’s Road toward Captain Vineyards, only two and a half miles and a six-minute drive away. You’ll want to plan in advance as this small-batch winery, run by a lovely couple dedicated to producing the highest quality wines using the most sustainable, water-saving practices, is by appointment only.

“All grapes are grown, crushed, pressed, and bottled on-site…”.

“Contra Costa County Wine Tasting Map” (PDF Download)

Cline Cellars has been producing wines from the old vineyards of eastern Contra Costa for 40 years. In celebration, the 2020 “Ancient Vines” Zinfandel features a specially decorated bottle.

Cline Cellars YouTube video**“Celebrate 40 Years with Fred Cline”**
April 28, 2022

Ever Wonder Wine
“Behind the Cork: Cline Family Cellars ‘Ancient Vines’ Zinfandel”

May 11, 2022

“2020 Cline Family ‘Ancient Vines’ Zinfandel”

"Fred Cline founded Cline Family Cellars in 1982 in Oakley, California, which is part of Conta Costa County. With this 40th year vintage, they have created the special anniversary bottle design shown in the photo.

"The 2020 ‘Ancient Vines’ Zinfandel draws from their oldest, most historic Zinfandel blocks. There, the soils are deep sand from the banks of the San Joaquin and Sacramento River Deltas, which have been depositing the sand from the Sierra Nevada mountain range for millennia. Their ancient, dry-farmed vineyards have survived through Phylloxera and Prohibition and consistently produce great fruit.

“The Zinfandel grapes for 2020 vintage underwent near total destemming and a very gentle crushing to ensure a large proportion of whole berries in the must, which contributes to the fruit character of the wine. The grapes were fermented in temperature-controlled open-top concrete tanks. The wines were pressed off their skins and aged in 40% French oak for 15 months before being blended and bottled.”

"…This 40th anniversary Cline Family ‘Ancient Vines’ Zinfandel is a great value and widely available, making it a great fit as the Behind the Cork™ Wine of the Week. Look for this one at your favorite wine seller and check them out on the web at Cheers!

Cline Cellars YouTube video**“Cline Family Cellars Ancient Vines Zinfandel”**
September 13, 2021

“2020 ‘Ancient Vines’ Mourvèdre”

Vineyard: The 2020 ‘Ancient Vines’ Mourvèdre is produced from two of our oldest and most historic vineyards - The ‘Bridgehead’ and ‘Big Break’ vineyards in Oakley, CA. These blocks perpetually have fruit that is of stunning concentration. We can reach this concentration due to sensitive farming practices, the singular Oakley terroir, and a unique cooling band of air that flows in from the Sacramento Delta. By naturally restricting yields to only 2 to 3 tons per acre, we can achieve a sublime expression of the Mourvèdre fruit. These grapes hold dark, dusty berry fruit characteristics that make our ‘Ancient Vines’ Mourvèdre so lustrous.”

**What is truly remarkable about the 2020 Mourvèdre is that this is the first time in over 20 years that the grape sources of any “Ancient Vines” bottling were named - a rare event, indeed.**Cline’s former winemaker Charlie Tsegeletos once told me in an email:

“Asking a winery for a list of their growers is like asking someone for the location of their best fishing hole!”

“2020 ‘Ancient Vines’ Carignane”

Vineyard: This Carignane is made from grapes from four separate vineyards located in the Northwest part of Oakley California. The vines all share sandy soil and receive a cooling from their proximity to the San Joaquin River. The newest of the vineyards was planted in 1940 and the balance in the early 1900s. This region is known for its ability to ripen these traditionally dry-farmed, head-trained vines to create powerful Cline wines.”

“2020 ‘Ancient Vines’ Zinfandel”

Vineyard: The 2020 ‘Ancient Vines’ Zinfandel draws primarily from a wide selection of our oldest, most historic, and shyest-bearing Zinfandel blocks in Contra Costa County. These ancient, dry-farmed vineyards consistently produce fruit of stunning concentration.”

Cline Cellars WordPress
“Ancient Vines, Old Vines, It’s All Greek to Me”

by Charlie Tsegeletos, Director of Winemaking
July 23, 2009

“…We use a couple of criteria when deciding which vineyards to source our ‘Ancient Vines’ Carignane, Mourvèdre, and Zinfandel from. First, the weighted average age of all the vines must be at least 50-years-old. Our Carignane and Mourvèdre grapes come exclusively from two vineyards in Oakley, California. The Carignane vines were planted in 1906 and 1925; the Mourvèdre was planted in 1920…”.

Image: “Oakley Mourvèdre, Carignane Vines”

Cline Cellars: “Albums”

Cline Cellars website:

Historic Vineyard Society profile “Big Break Vyd”

**Trinitas Cellars has produced red wines from Oakley-based vineyards in the past. In fact, Matt Cline served as the head winemaker over a decade ago.

Today, as the winery celebrates its 20th anniversary, Trinitas has announced its inaugural release of the “Sandy Lane Vineyard” Red Wine under consultant Kale Anderson, the new man in the cellar.**

Napa Valley Life Magazine
“Trinitas Cellars: Celebrating 20 Years of Sun, Soil, and Humanity”

by Elizabeth Smith
April 25, 2022

"In 2002, Tim and Steph Busch founded Napa Valley’s Trinitas Cellars. Today, twenty years later, second-generation proprietors Garrett and Betsy Busch continue the family’s tradition of crafting artisan wines that express the trinity of winemaking: sun, soil, and humanity.

Trinitas offers over 20 different wines for every taste, occasion, and budget. Their flagship wines include Carneros Chardonnay, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Knights Valley single-vineyard Cabernet Franc, and an old-vine Carignan-based red blend from Contra Costa County. Each wine demonstrates purity of fruit and reflects the terroir of its vintage.”

Image: Kale Anderson, Consulting Winemaker (photo by Trinitas)

"In July 2020, Trinitas Cellars welcomed Consulting Winemaker Kale Anderson to their team. He arrived shortly before harvest and quickly familiarized himself with the vineyards before the first pick. ‘I am inspired by the quality, variety, and unique character of our estate and grower sites,’ said Anderson.

"…While director of winemaking at Pahlmeyer, Kale became one of the youngest winemakers to earn 100 points from Robert M. Parker, Jr.

"…Later in 2022, Trinitas will release its first single-vineyard blend from a historic site in Oakley, California. The 2020 ‘Sandy Lane Vineyard’ Red is 44% Carignan, 22% Mataro, 18% Zinfandel, and 16% Petite Sirah. The grapes come from the 50- to 80-year-old vines in the dry-farmed, windswept vineyard on Sandy Lane planted in the legendary ‘Oakley sands’ and meticulously farmed for three generations by the Gonsalves family. These heritage vines yield wines with energy, verve, and stunning purity. It will delight those who enjoy bold Napa Valley wines - at a fraction of the cost…".

Image: Oakley sand (photo by Trinitas)

Wine Business Monthly
“Trinitas Cellars Debuts ‘Sandy Lane Vineyard’ Red Blend”

May 18, 2022

"…Today [Trinitas Cellars] announce the release of a new wine within their portfolio, the 2020 ‘Sandy Lane Vineyard’ Red Blend. This is the first time in the company’s 20 years of working with the site that they have produced a vineyard designate. Winemaker Kale Anderson (who joined their team in 2020) was so inspired by the history of the vines, the quality of fruit, unique mix of varietals, and the good fortune to be unimpacted by the challenges of the 2020 vintage, that the team decided to create this new offering.

"As the name suggests, this bold, complex, and distinctive red blend is produced from vines planted in the 1880’s to the dry farmed and windswept vineyard of ‘Sandy Lane’. Rooted to sandy soil in the town of Oakley, this extraordinary site has been farmed by the Gonsalves family since the 1930’s and produces vibrant wines with tremendous complexity and stunning purity of fruit.

"Third generation farmer Dan Gonsalves has meticulously tended to these vines since his youth and is thrilled about this new bottling. ‘We have been working with Trinitas since 2002, and while we have always enjoyed the Petite Sirah they craft from our fruit, we can’t wait for their customers to taste a more comprehensive blend of what our vineyard is all about,’ says Dan. He adds, ‘these mixed varietals represent our Portuguese roots, and our family is proud to be the stewards of that history. With this multi-varietal blend, we feel that both our story, and terroir, will shine through.’

“While 2020 was a difficult vintage for Northern California, Trinitas Cellars was blessed to have harvested fruit from the ‘Sandy Lane Vineyard’ without impact from the fires. Not only did harvest begin in August, a day after the first fire broke, but Oakley was well out of the smoke path at that time. Fortunately, the grapes were unaffected, as affirmed by ETS laboratory testing. The fruit comes from a mix of ancient vines of 4 varietals, which are 50- to 100-years-old. The vine roots run deep to the water table of the nearby San Francisco Bay Delta…”.

While the may be Trinitas Cellars’ first single-vineyard blend, the winery has produced several blends and varietal reds from the century-old plantings of eastern Contra Costa.

Previous Contra Costa Vineyard Sources:****Gonsalves / Sandy Lane Vineyards:

  • Mataro (Mourvèdre)

  • Petite Sirah

Spinelli Live Oak Vineyard:

  • Zinfandel

Bigalow Vineyard” (sic):

  • Zinfandel

Trinitas Cellars Podcast
Episode #1: “Sandy Lane Red”
by Lisa Pidge
May 13, 2022

“From the barrel room, Winemaker Kale Anderson offers up a quick introduction to Trinitas Cellars’ new ‘Sandy Lane’ Red Blend.”

Trinitas Cellars website:

**Macario Montoya has made available several old-vine reds to club members of the Naked Wines.

Montoya is the winemaker at Roots Run Deep, Campesino Winery, and one-time assistant winemaker at Piña Cellars.**

Naked Wines
Producer: Macario Montoya

"Today is the day that one of my dreams becomes a reality. When I first got into the wine industry over 15 years ago, I was thirsty to learn as much as I could about wine and grape growing. Napa and Sonoma were the reason I got into wine. The beauty and lore of the area was enough to convince me that winemaking was what I needed and wanted to do. After a few years, I was curious about other growing regions, and would explore them as often as I could.

“One day back in 2009, I met up with Morgan Twain Peterson who owns a brand called Bedrock Wine Co. Morgan was sourcing fruit from these other areas and I was curious to see what else was out there. One of our first visits was to a vineyard in Contra Costa County. CoCo is about 45 miles east of Napa and sits between Napa and Lodi and produces an incredible array of Spanish, French and Italian varieties. What I didn’t know was many of the vineyards were over 100+ years old and were grown in pure sand. The image below was forever in grained in my mind and knew that one day I wanted to make wines from this region. 11 years later, with your help I was able to make that a reality.”

Image: “Evangelho” Vine (Macario Montoya)

"Today, I am honored, humbled and proud to announce the release of a new brand called Macario Montoya. The first wine I am releasing is a 2020 Carignan. This is a single vineyard Carignan from ‘Evangelho Vineyard’ in Contra Costa County. For more information on the vineyard site, follow this link.

"This wine is drinking beautiful right now but will only get better with age. For those of you who need to pop and pour, I ask that you decant or give it a bit of air prior to drinking. Layers of wild lavender, crushed blueberries and roasted meats leap from the glass. On the palate this medium to full bodied wine has depth and structure. A touch of olive tapenade, dark berries and shaved chocolate complete this beautiful wine.

"Lastly, the artwork that is on the label belongs to my younger brother Maceo Montoya. We commissioned him to create a drawing that captures the spirit of the old-vine vineyards and I think he did an amazing job.

“The production on this wine is tiny. If you want to get a bottle or two, I recommend acting fast as it won’t be around for long.”

Naked Wines
“Macario Montoya ‘Evangelho Vineyard’ Contra Costa County Carignan 2020”

"Old-vine Carignan from a registered historic vineyard in Northern California.

"Carignan usually calls Spain, France and Italy home, but when it’s grown stateside with ample sunshine, this red is a mind blowing, food-friendly wine exploding with flavors like cherry, blueberry, and a touch of savory spice.

“Macario long dreamed of making wine from this sandy-soil vineyard planted in the 1890s by Azorean immigrants. Angels made his dream happen! With your funding, he secured enough fruit to make a special limited-release of single-variety Old Vine Carignan.”

Naked Wines
“Macario Montoya ‘Del Barba Vineyard’ Contra Costa County Mourvèdre 2020”

"A rare single-variety red from one of Northern California’s historic vineyards

"It may be old-vine, but this rare red isn’t old fashioned. With aromas and flavors like bright red fruit, savory herbs, and a finish oh-so soft and smooth, you’ll be saying more Mourvèdre, please.

“…Macario sourced his grapes from 4th generation winegrowers in Oakley, California, who cherish this grape style, usually found in France and Spain. The grapes were handpicked from legacy head-trained vines in sandy soils - some 130 years old!”

dB Podcast
Episode 14: “Macario Montoya, Californian Winemaker”
June 14, 2016

Historic Vineyard Society profile “Evangelho Vineyard”

Naked Wines website:

Bedrock Wine Company’s Fall 2022 Release includes the 2021 vintage “Evangelho Vineyard” field blend.

In Antioch and Oakley, the 2021 vintage was marked by the effects of a second year of severe drought. Wizened grapevines were stressed to the limits of endurance. As a result, yields were dramatically reduced. Many bottlings are expected to be concentrated and age-worthy.

Contra Costa’s ancient vineyards have been touted as models of traditional dry-farming. Even so, all plants require a some water to survive, no matter how far deep below the surface their roots may reach.

Of particular note, “Evangelho Vyd’s” grapevines growing in swales have shallower rootbeds, and required brutal amounts of fruit dropping.

Harvest of Carignan began the first week in August. “Evangelho” Zinfandel often is picked before the Carignan.

“2021 ‘Evangelho’ Heritage Wine, Contra Costa County”

"Of all the vineyards we farm, ‘Evangelho’ has been hit the hardest by the record drought conditions we’re currently experiencing in California. Cropping was less than a third of average at 1.1 tons per acre, and the wine shows the added degree of intensity as a result. We have joked that the 2021 is almost like a ‘demi-glace’ of ‘Evangelho’, where all its core elements have been concentrated by the small berries and lack of crop.

“As always, there is great natural brightness here due to winds that sweep through the vineyard every day of the growing season combined with dense red fruits, spice and the signature umami element imparted by the interplanted Mataro and Carignan. This will likely be one of the most age-worthy ‘Evangelhos’ we have made based on its density alone.”

Bedrock Wine Conversations Podcast

Episode #030 - “2022 Fall Release”
July 13, 2022

“Chris and Morgan break down the wines of Bedrock’s 2022 Fall Release.”

· 15:34 - 2021 “Evangelho” Heritage Wine

Episode #023 - “2021 Harvest Update”
October 7, 2021

“Chris and Morgan give a full update on the ongoing 2021 harvest, with Jake Neustadt, Viticulturist for Bedrock, and Katie Rouse, Assistant Winemaker for Bedrock.”

Bedrock Wine Co. website:

Historic Vineyard Society profile “Evangelho Vineyard”

Wine Berserkers
“‘Evangelho Vineyard’ and the 2021 Drought”

August 13, 2021

Tegan Passalacqua of Sandlands is offering the 2020 vintage of its Contra Costa County “Red Table Wine” as a pre-release to mailing list members.

Like its Carignane and Mataro (Mourvèdre) varietal-bottlings, Sandlands’ “Red Table Wine” consists of grapes cultivated by the Del Barba family in Oakley.

“Sandlands 2020 Contra Costa ‘Red Table Wine’”

"The vineyard was planted in the 1920s in what is classified as Dehli blow sand (decomposed granite that has been deposited by wind and water). 65% Carignane / 35% Mataro

"Bright cranberry, peach, violets and driftwood. Fine, supple, acid-driven finish.

“13.2% alc. 12 barrels produced.”

Wine and Spirits
“Gone Tomorrow: Will Contra Costa’s Centenarian Vines Survive?”

by Patrick J. Comiskey
photos by Marissa Leshnov
June 16, 2021

"…Tegan Passalacqua came on to manage Turley’s grape growing in 2003 (and later succeeded Jordan as winemaker), he became fascinated with the region - not just for its old vineyards, but because its soils were a repository of windborne and alluvial activity. Passalacqua is something of a connoisseur of sand (his own brand, founded in 2009, is called Sandlands), and he was impressed with the soil depths the old vines’ roots could reach - thirty to forty feet in some cases.

"He was intrigued by the morphology of the granitic Delhi sand, and convinced Brenna Quigley a freelance geologist working in viticulture, to walk the vines with him. She found its texture to be unusually jagged and fragmented, an odd mixture of airborne and alluvial grains, high in feldspar and mica content called ‘arkosic’ sand. ‘It’s not smooth,’ she says. ‘It looks like broken-down granite, shed from the mountains, blown to the Delta by wind or rapidly washed downstream. It’s preserved the initial integrity of what it was.’

“…The most prominent of [local growers] are the Del Barbas - Fred, aged 85, and his son Tom. They’ve been in the area for three generations and own or manage five vineyards, including three of their own - some 100 acres in all.”

Image: “Sandlands - ‘Oakley Road Vineyard’”

Wine Berserkers
“‘Del Barba Ranch’ & ‘Louie’s Block’ - Wine Bulletin article”

February 15, 2022

Wine Berserkers
“Profiles: Gonsalves, Duarte, Del Barba, Cline, Continente, Etc.”

March 16, 2018

Sandlands website:

In accordance with his annual duties, Mr Kevin Romick emerges from his doorway, reaching upwards with one arm. His raised index finger catches the breeze. His experienced eye gauges the sun’s height and position.

In unspoken recognition, trumpets begin to blast, drums beat a thundering roar, and the crowd trills. He tilts his head forward slightly in a benevolent nod. The cacophony ceases.

All stand before him in total silence, eagerly awaiting the decree.

Mr Romick announces that the year’s first fruits now may be harvested.

Romick in Oakley Blog
“The 2022 Grape Harvest Has Started in Oakley”

by Kevin Romick
August 11, 2022

"Have you seen those vines burdened with a heavy load of grapes? Yep, they’re ready to harvest and it appears like another good year for California wine. Generally, the harvest starts can start in early August in Oakley and last into to October.

"…Nearly 80% of Oakley’s roughly 500 acres of vineyards are planted in Zinfandel, a variety of red wine grape. Other varieties of grapes in Oakley include: Mourvèdre, a grape used to make both strong, dark red wines and rosés; Carignane, another red wine grape, is one of the world’s most widely available grapes. These three varieties also make up most of Oakley’s ancient vines (80 - 120 years old).

"There are other grapes grown in Oakley: Palomino is a white grape; Sémillon is a golden-skinned grape; other red grapes include; Grenache, Petite Syrah, Syrah, Barbera, and Alicante Bouschet.

“The harvest will continue through the first of October so be wary of slow moving farm equipment on the roads. Oakley’s vineyards are dispersed throughout the community making the movement of vehicles including tractors, forklifts and trucks essential to a timely harvest and this means your friendly farmers will be sharing the road with you more frequently as they drive their ‘implements of husbandry’…”.

Romick in Oakley website:

The Facebook page for Erggelet Brothers Wine features several harvest photographs taken over the past 3 days.

Erggelet Bros. produces red wine from old-growth vineyards in Oakley, as well as a white wine from the “Cecchini Vyd” in Knightsen.

“Early morning pick for Grenache and Mataro out in the Sand Dunes”

Julian Erggelet works with vineyard owner/farmer Tom Del Barba in caring for several ancient-vine plantings throughout the year.

Much labor has been invested in the “Home Vineyard” (“Urban Edge Farm”) in Brentwood, where new varieties will be added over the next year.

“The first load of 2022 Contra Costa Kerrigan is in the woodie. Beautiful dry farmed old vine off Oakley Road”

Erggelet Brothers Wine

  • “Del Barba Vineyard”

"The Del Barba Family has been farming vineyards in and around Oakley since the early 1900s. Our good friend Tom Del Barba farms his vineyards in pure Delhi Sand with little intervention and even less water. The old ‘Del Barba Ranch’ on Rose Avenue in Oakley, with its centennial center block of Carignane, Mataro (otherwise known as Mourvèdre), and Zinfandel, is surrounded by a block of ‘juvenile’ 30-year-old Zinfandel. This is where we pick our Carignane and Zinfandel. The fruit for our Rosé comes from this vineyard as well.

"In 2020 we started shifting this vineyard around, grafting some more Mataro on existing rootstock as well as grafting over the first acres to Grenache.

“Tom’s dad, Fred Del Barba, lives just down the road and is a genuine shepherd of his legendary 5-acre block of ancient Mataro. We have been making wine from this block since 2016. We love the small clusters of these hundred-year-old vines and we always stay for Nonna Del Barba’s invitation for coffee and homemade biscotti.”

  • “Home Vineyard”

“On the northern side of ‘The Urban Edge’ we converted a patch of ground that has been farmed organically for the past decade to our newest vineyard project. We’ve built up on the organic matter over the past 3 years and planted this field to 9’x7’ 1013-P rootstock in early 2022. We will be grafting on a selection of Malvasia Bianca, Assyrtiko, and Petit Manseng in early 2023 to continue our exploration into the white wines of Contra Costa.”

  • “Cecchini Vineyard”

“Julian’s wife Alli (née Cecchini) was born on this farm, and the Cecchini Family had been farming this land in Knightsen for nearly a century before it was sold in 2021. After farming this vineyard organically for the past 5 years, we are working closely with the new owners to maintain these standards. We currently source our Malvasia from this vineyard. Grown in a patch of Delhi Sand x Sandy Loam, this 25-year-old planting continues to stun us each season with its resilience and consistency.”

Erggelet Brothers Wine website:


Per a recent Instagram post, Erggelet Brothers now farms the “Ghilarducci Vyd” in Oakley.

CalWineBroker MIke Parker now is coordinating pick-dates for home winemakers of Contra Costa vineyards.

Image: “Oakley Vineyards - Old Vines”

So far, picks in Tracy, Brentwood, and Pleasanton have occurred. No Oakley vineyards have been featured yet in the 2022 harvest season.

CalWineBroker website

Morgan Twain-Peterson of Bedrock Wine Co. posted the following photos of the “Evangelho Vineyard” harvest 4 days ago.

Carignan grapes were picked for Ridge Vineyards and Neyers. Zinfandel also was harvested for Bedrock’s own use.

The 2022 “Evangelho Vineyard” harvest continues…

Morgan Twain-Peterson of Bedrock Wine Company shared this short video on his Instagram account yesterday.

Morgan Twain-Peterson Instagram post (via Picuki):

"Early morning rising over the Queen of the counter coast, always a magic hour despite the dystopian landscape. Note the beautiful pruning, the shoot thinning, the multiple fruit drops - all the result of Manuel Carranza’s forty years tending this place, combined with viticulturist Jake Neustadt’s attention to detail.

“It looks to be a good year out here with high quality combined with a return to somewhat normal cropping despite our ongoing drought. #antioch #oldvines

Bedrock’s harvest team also began picking grapes in the “Pato Vineyard” earlier this week.

Bedrock Wine Company leases the “Pato” and “Mori Vyds” from the Contra Costa County Water District.


The inaugural release from Soleras del Pacifico was made available for purchase August 26th. This limited-production bottling was sold out almost immediately.

From the winery email:

“The Flor of Evangelho #1, Contra Costa County”

"The foundation of Soleras del Pacífico, ‘The Flor of Evangelho’ is a single-vineyard, fino-style solera established in 2017. This is the first bottling.

"Saline, nutty, dry, but rich with California sunshine.

"‘Evangelho Vineyard’, Palomino Fino

“500mL, 14.5% ABV…”.

Morgan Twain-Peterson of Bedrock Wine Co. shared photos of the 2022 “Evangelho Vineyard” Mataro (Mourvèdre) harvest on his Instagram page today.

Historic Vineyard Society profile “Evangelho Vineyard”

It appears that at least one 2022 Oakley vineyard pick was organized for home winemakers through Mike Parker’s service.

from Cal Wine Broker email:

"…Sunday, August 28th, 7:00am, in Oakley, CA

"We’ll be picking Mad John’s 20+ year old Oakley Zinfandel.

"John got double-gold with these grapes a few years ago.

“We’ve picked this vineyard before and lots of folks report making excellent wine.”

The site in question may have been John Continente’s plantings of younger grapevines on Sandy Lane in Oakley, CA.

Mr Kevin Romick post this harvest photo on his Facebook page a few days ago.

The “Joaquin José Vineyard” is located within the Dutch Slough Tidal Restoration Project zone. About 14 acres of Carignan, dating back to the 1880s, are under contract to Matt Cline of Three Wine Company.

The vineyard is also known as the “Dutch Slough Vyd” and the “Emerson Vyd”.

Three Wine Co. bottles a single-vineyard Carignan from these grapes under the name “Lucchesi Vyd”.

Hi Drew, this vineyard (Mad John’s) is a little further inland, off of Tate Ln.

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Perhaps the “Dobleman Vineyard”?

400 Tate Lane, Oakley, CA

Google Maps:

** EDIT ** It appears that “Mad John’s Zinyard” is known by a handful of different names.

The above address formerly was home to Wedl Wine Cellars. The winery’s VinoShipper page for Wedl’s 2013 Zinfandel includes the following information:

"Wedl Wine Cellars 2013 Zinfandel, Contra Costa County (Alcohol: 14.20%)

"100% Zinfandel from a St. Peter’s Church clone, grown on sandy soil in Oakley, CA.

"Our Zinfandel pairs well with anything spicy and is fantastic with red sauces and barbecue.

"As our slogan says: ‘Wedl you taste the difference!’

  • Winemaker Name: Don Wedl

  • Vineyard Name: ‘Las Almendras Zinyard’"

Yup! That’s it Drew.

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