Congrats to Eric and CT!" onclick=";return false;

Having just moved a portion of my cellar to off-site storage, I’m realizing how great this product really is!

Congrats on the recognition! I can’t imagine how much this will rub Squires… [haha.gif]

Just wait til you start generating those reports on how much you spent by month, quarter and year… can be a little scary… important to keep wife away from such information.

I just dont look anymore. It’s easier that way.

I’ve been doing that for a while - just not in Lauren’s presence! [smack.gif]

What has been very helpful with the use of the off-site is CT’s capability of tracking multiple storage sites. I’ve been able to make custom reports that allow me to just browse what I have on hand when I’m looking for something to drink. And when it’s time to remove/add bottles in the off-site in the future, I can run another report that will tell me what is there - categorized by the numbered box that they are stored in!

In my VinoTemp at home, I use a matrix notation so I know exactly where every bottle is. In my off-site locker, I at least know which of the case boxes it is in. It’s a great system for lots of reasons… I am now constantly checking my collection by varietal, slowly whittling down the Pinot… I’m down from about 1/3 of my wines being Pinot do about 1/4… It’s also a very good system for remembering pending deliveries and keeping track of what and when things should be arriving.

Precisely why I don’t generate those reports! I have so many other ways to demonstrate my lack of self control…


Congratulations, Eric!

I just moved my whole cellar into CT this week (with a lot of help from Eric). I am loving all the features, esp. the different ways of looking at my cellar. I am so impressed with how efficient CT is and all the user-friendly features.

Important point!! The level of service one gets from Eric… and I mean personalized service… is amazing. He was extremely helpful in getting my inventory into CT. And his attention to detail is superb. I’m very happy every year to make my small donation to him as a small `thank you’ for everything CT can do.

You know I’ve never taken it up but at some point I need to address my very out of date location information in CT. It is laborious to update every wine one at a time. Does anyone know of a way, short of bugging Eric, to do a mass update of location information, or get a page that lets you edit location info on more than one wine at a time?



If you click on the `individual bottles’ bubble in the left column, then you can do bulk updates.

the reports, intergration and tasting notes are very helpful.

currently using the reports to track inventory and budget since I am “re-ballancing” my cellar… bought way too much the past five years and have pared back my purchases… CT just quantifies what a fool I am [suicide.gif]

Thanks for the tip, that is certainly faster than what I was doing. Even better would be a page where you have a text entry box for each bottle instead of having to submit after each location was entered.

Is there any way to get more than 40 bottles listed per page?

Upper right - My Account
Then click on Display Options upper mid page.
Three quarters of the way down is “List paging” - use the drop down box to set your fav.

Booyah this is a wealth of information for the uninformed / lazy!

Also at the top and bottom on the right of each page of any multi-page set, it lists the all the page numbers. After that it says “All”. You can click on “All” to see all the results on one page.

Knew about the all but thanks for reminding me about that as well :slight_smile: I set my default to 100, I like that a bit better!

We can help you do some of that …on 6/3!!! You have WAY too much JJ Prum…Carlisle…Marcassin…

Eric! No surprise, and HUGE congratulations!

And Mike, the Cellar Buddy feature lets your friends pick what they want to drink out of your cellar, just make sure your friends have “better” cellars [highfive.gif]

Congrats, Eric… well deserved!!!