Comprehenisve Video Narrated by Richard Sanford: Why the Sta Rita Hills Winegrowers Oppose Expansion

Thought you folks might want to see a slick video the SRHWA just published detailing our opposition to the expansion of the SRH AVA.

If anyone wants to download the original “.mov” file, you can download it here but keep in mind it is a very big file (1.5GB):

As the original petitioner, I am happy to answer any questions honestly and directly. The Board of the Sta Rita Hills Winegrowers has voted unanimously to oppose this expansion on the grounds that it pushes the AVA into the Buell(ton) Flats, a land mass purposefully excluded by the language of the Petition to Establish the SRH AVA.

Enjoy! If you feel like making a difference in this controversial issue, please feel free to drop a public comment detailing your feelings on this matter to:!submitComment;D=TTB-2014-0007-0001

Note comments from Steven Spurrier, Greg Walter (ex Senior Editor for Wine Spectator and runs Pinot Report) as well as MS’s, winemakers up and down the state and tons of winos and geeks.

Thanks, everyone! If you’re up in the SRH any time soon, drop me a line for a visit.