Coming soon: large haul of Swan and Dehlinger

I’m helping the family of Rich Gibbons to dispose of his wine collection.
Some wines were removed from a Whisperkool in his living room, others from passive storage under his house.
I can attest that I’ve never had a bad wine from Rich’s cellar.

Rich had a huge collection of Swan and Dehlinger wines (15 cases each and still counting)
We are going through the process of inventorying them and will post spreadsheets when they have all been identified,
but if there are any fans of these wines who would like to be alerted or if there is anything in particular that you might
be interested in then please drop me a note.

I’m DEFINITELY interested!!!

I’ll be happy to take a look as well.

Same, message sent

I’m interested, thanks.

Please include me on the list. Thanks

I am very interested. That is right up my alley.

Yes please. Ta.

I’m interested

I’m interested

Send me a list please.

Please send me the list when it is ready.

I would be happy to take a look.

Having only met Rich a handful of times I still knew him as a generous and fun person. Still have the empty bottle of 73 Swan Zin he poured for us at the Paulee a few years back and think back on it fondly. I’d appreciate taking a look at that list.

I am also interested…sent you a PM

I am interested. Would be happy to look at the list.

Very interested in an opportunity to purchase some of these!

Here are the lists.

I’m trying to keep them updated. If you are interested email me at
I’ll go through the replies this evening.

Email sent

Email sent. What a great list of wines.