Collection Bellenum - Nicolas Potel

For those with an interest.

Apart from a couple of corked bottles (including a mag of 1990 Chambertin - shame!) what a list. I can still taste the 76 Latricières and the 59 Meursault - I just can’t comprehend what an equally well-preserved 59 Montrachet must be like…!

Thanks for the notes and the link, and…

Bi Bill,

Not a bad day’s work! Any chance of meeting up somewhere in Bourgogne from May 8th-21st?

I don’t have much experience with Burgundy, but that '93 Chambertin blew my mind when I tasted it a few months ago.

Does anyone know if the wines are making their way to the States?

“… if you stump up the sum requested…”

Bill, thanks for reporting on this. Are the prices high?

Yes, they are being offered here.

I didn’t take the BB&R pricelist with me - and didn’t check all the prices, but for what they are, they didn’t seem ridiculously priced - starting about £60 and then upwards of-course…

I believe there’s a similar grand tasting scheduled for New York.

I think the '93 Chambertin was a little over $300 wholesale here in MA. I don’t know how reasonable or unreasonable that is. You probably could find it for not much more than that at retail in NY or NJ if anyone’s buying any.