Cola submission changes

Do the changes to the TTB’s Cola (aka label approval) mean that we don’t need to resubmit if only the alcohol (and vintage) changes on the label (i.e. is identical otherwise)? Their press announcement gives that impression, but doesn’t state it explicitly.

That is my understanding. This is not new news, to my knowledge. Not sure if the 14% hard line exists still…i think that went away,too, though the tax structure remains the same. Just the need to resubmit goes away. I think.

Was there a new announcement recently? As long as I’ve been submitting COLAs, alcohol and vintage changes never required resubmission. There’s a whole list of things you can change on the label without resubmitting: appellation, city (as long as it’s the same state), fanciful language, like a back label, label colors and shapes, etc. Here’s a useful page:

To Eric, yes. To Ed, right.

Excellent…thanks everyone! Woo Hoo.