Coffee maker advice

This is the one I would recommend.

Thanks! My wife thinks it’s overkill, and rolls her eyes when I take the aeropress, handpresso, and hario skerton grinder on vacation, but she enjoys the coffee. And let’s face it, this obsession is WAY cheaper than wine!

Count me in as recommending a French press. I don’t really understand the aversion based on cleaning- it seems pretty easy to me to clean. I don’t make much coffee at home, so I always found a drip machine clumsy to use and liable to get dirty /dusty in the inner-workings if just sitting unused for a month or two. With my French press, I just dump the grounds in the trash, take the mesh screen apart (twirls off and on easily), and wash it all in soapy water. Grounds don’t stick so it’s all a very quick process. Then when I use the pot next, a month or two later, I can just rinse everything off to make sure there’s no dust.

+1 on your setup Sean - nice stuff. I also have the Skerton/ Aeropress combo pack for traveling. I had an aversion to the Aeropress but was sent one as a gift recently and have been surprised - it makes a good cup! Just finishing up a nice batch of Rwanda beans I roasted recently.

Excellent! And if you haven’t checked out Coava’s filter discs for the aeropress, you should do so.

They also make a killer stainless steel pour over filter.

Wow! How much do you charge for a cup? [welldone.gif]