*closed* Franny Beck- PURE FIRE! Simply the Greatest Berserker Deals Year in and Year Out! PURE FIRE!

Tom! Thanks so much for the unbelievable support year in and year out! Just killer

Peter, your signature line says it all! We couldn’t do it without guys like you! Always appreciate the generous support!

Just get it

My Wife “jesus more wine!” Then she sees the bottle I pull out of the shipper and “oh its Franny, never mind. Please open it now”

Hey Keith, come on back for more.
I’m certain there are berserkers that will speak up for our whole portfolio!

Appreciate the support!

Thanks, Scott. Always love seeing familiar names attached to Berserker Day packs! Thanks for the continued support!

One helicopter headed for Screagle!

That just made me chuckle

Nailed it!

And I’ll get on board one of the those helicopters, too! Sorry, I can’t do the Patrick Taylor. I’m gonna have trouble enough today without a full three cases. I do love me some Franny, though, and it took me several hours of contemplation before I decided I really did have to dial it back a step. Maybe next year.

in with my first FB Offer - excited to give them a try

In for a showcase, looking forward to trying these!

You will not be disappointed. We’ve bought several cases just over the past couple of years, even through covid, and have never been let down.
Our current problem is HOW MUCH TO BUY hahaha. champagne.gif


Homework? What’s that? LOL

Great choice

Impulse buy!

Order in

Never miss an opportunity for the Patrick Taylor. Can’t beat this wine for under $20!

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Hi Michael, back for more. Can you tell me how to add on to my earlier order of today? Thanks! Keith

Down to the last few bottles of the 2016 Blue Label from the COVID relief sale. Absolutely killer wines and a no brainer at this price. Had to reload with case of the 2018s.

Year in, year out, the easiest BD buy. Thanks, Michael.

Ha! Adam, you’re FB orders are second to none. No explanation necessary, my friend!

Eric, heck, I’m excited for your first FB offer! Welcome aboard

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