clos des goisses 'vinotheque'

this appears to be philipponnat’s late disgorgement version of clos des goisses but there does not seem to be a lot of information written about it. does anyone have experience with this in comparison with the regular edition? is it worth a significant premium? i was looking at some magnums and the vinotheque is double the price…

More youthful as you would expect. Mags from the 60’s that were disgorged around ten years ago were not close to being mature. A couple of weeks ago I had a bottle of '82 that was disgorged in 2000 (I think) that was great and just starting to reach a level of maturity.
Whether or not they are worth twice the price is subjective, but for me, knowing that I am getting pristine 50 year old bottles/mags is worth paying up for.

would love to see some for sale. Sounds fascinating.


Rare Wine has a couple but like $2500+ per magnum.

ill pass on that one. [snort.gif]

Almost free when compared to mags of DP Oeno.