CLONYC 38 - Fun with Mike & Leah (Smith) II

Yes, Mike. The fruit and resulting juice was/is off-the-charts rich. I actually continued with my program of harvesting when I think it’s ready (and when TRB isn’t monopolizing my harvest crew [wow.gif]), and it turned out (verified by ETS Labs) to be 24 Brix. I also harvested my 2009 at 24 Brix, but no one would confuse the 2 (at any point from vine to barrel). Now I know this will invite the question about which one is better…or more on the mark…or more likely to age well…etc. And if Dr. Holdredge is looking in at all, I will have to endure the “I -don’t-use-a-refractometer/never-have” discussion. Wonder if he gets lab confirmation. My 2009 has reached a fairly wide audience which has mostly expressed satisfaction. I have little experience with my 2009 Special Selection - hard to open when the production is only 35 cases.

What would happen if Mike Smith made wine from EMH fruit?

And yes, I realize I just used more parentheses in one short paragraph than writers would advise. Fewer than 6 months ago, a fellow board member accused me of not knowing how to use punctuation at all (that was for more dashes - I believe - than was deemed proper or appropriate).

Now that would be a marriage made in heaven. [cheers.gif]

Thanks for the terrific review. Do you know of anywhere in NYC that sells Mike Smith’s wines? Would prefer a wine store, but would also go to a restaurant to get a taste. Also, if I visit him in Napa, does he have Myriad or the others to sell while tasting at Envy?

John, best to email Mike and Leah for that info. I can tell you it’s worthy to seek them out and you won’t be dissapointed.
They are travelling a bit now, but should respond as quick as they can. I do not know of any NY shops with it, but then again I rarely go into retail joints these days. A quick search on Wine-searcher says nothing around me for many miles.

Mike can sell you wine if you taste with him @ Envy.

Is this an exploratory question?? Or did I miss something from a previous post?

Don’t take this the wrong way because I really enjoy Black Cat…but I think Mike is the best or one of the best winemakers in Napa.

Mike’s brother, Doug offered me this at the end of the evening. It’s all the attendees and is a great gesture and sign of his appreciation.

Very nice. Is that a wine stain at the bottom? That gives the gift a “classic” wine drinking touch. Jealous I wasn’t there.

If you want to source a bottle from my cellar, I may have a spare to sell you. Send me a private message.

Great post, awesome event. Can’t wait to try the '11’s. Mike and Leah are the best!!

Hmmm… [give_heart.gif] (where’s the licking-lips avatar when you need it). And go ahead and use those parentheses, Merrill! I’m a big believer in nested brackets when appropriate!

You know, a great project would be a fruit share of well known sites being made by different winemakers. Could make for an interesting theme dinner. I have not quite had anything like that.

Just a thought. (which is usually the impetus of greatness) :slight_smile:

It’s hard to disagree with that statement. [cheers.gif]