Cleaning the Film Left on Stems?

Interesting. I will probably have to try this as I’m currently putting some Grassl Cru through a vinegar soak after reading this thread last night. But I have very soft water well water so if what you’re saying is true the vinegar probably won’t work for me. But I think I have some high pH cleaning powder for home brewing applications, so perhaps I’ll give that stuff a try. Thanks!

I have the same dishwasher setup; Miele with built-in salt/softener and rinse aid. My glasses have never been as clean as they are now.

I cleaned out the bottom of my decanter, which had a similar cloudy film, using Lemi Shine rinse aid, a paper towel, and a silicone spatula. I think some of the main ingredients are alcohol and citric acid.

I have the same dishwasher setup; Miele with built-in salt/softener and rinse aid. My glasses have never been as clean as they are now.

Agree. I’m embarrassed by what I spent (well my glass company…), but really am blown away by the outcome of all dishes.

My machine has their AutoDos (giant puck in the machine wall with approximately 25 wash cycles in it) and the salespeople at Grand and Abt both commented, independently, at how good the detergent mix is compared to stuff in grocery stores.

I’m a believer. You can buy Miele pucks if you want to try the blend. I suggest you give a box a try regardless of what machine you have at home.

I have hard water too. The dishwasher or denture cleaner has not helped. I’ve not tried vinegar. One problem regardless is that I cannot get a cloth in the bowl to dry it without risking breaking the glass (this has happened before in both a broken stem and a shattered bowl). In the photo you can see the line which is the limit for how far I can reach into the glass.

I think you need to use a tool like a spatula with your towel to push it around on the bottom. I have to do that especially on the Mineralite glasses. But the good news for me about the Liberte and Mineralite glasses is that I only use them for white wine so I don’t really deal with the same film.

Ditto here. Love the Miele (second unit in two different houses now), glasses come out perfect. I’ve set the salt system based on my local water company water test results for my area. I use the old school powder Cascade detergent, which is what Miele recommended when I got my first one. Periodically I run the cleaning cartridge on an empty machine to keep it clean. Not cheap, but Highly recommend.

I don’t have a dishwasher, no choice but to hand wash. I always use s bit of oxyclean and the glasses always come out great.

Cheater! That’s like a winemaker using MegaPurple. [snort.gif]

Get a reverse osmosis filter for your drinking water and rinse with that…

So I just spent the last hour doing a few different treatments on the four glasses. First I did the baking soda slurry and scrubbed that with a magic eraser. That did create some red slurry especially at the bottom center and on the rim.

Then I rinsed that out well and did a vinegar rinse and scrub. Then I rinsed that out with filtered water and hand dried with a linen cloth. I would say overall the glasses look better, it did help with some of the film, but the worst of it - this etched looking film - still remains. They sure are shiny now as long as you don’t look at them in the light.

The next step I think would be to try a more serious industrial basic cleaner.

Crushed ice and kosher salt. Swirl for a minute or two.

525 for our zip. And I don’t doubt it.

have you tried denture cleaner yet?

Same here. No dishwasher. Hand washing seems to get the job done just fine.

Note to self: run glasses through the dishwasher after a baking soda + vinegar scrub. Poured a glass of wine and it was awful.

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Based on the notes here that didn’t seem to do much for people. But I can pick some up at the grocery this week.

Was just curious. I haven’t tried them/had this issue. I did have one glass a little filmy and re-washing through dishwasher didn’t work, but hand wash did the trick. Notable that it was only one glass (GRASSL Liberte) that happened only once, versus a recurring problem. Generally have had better luck hand washing in a dishwasher than handwashing (although I have started to rinse out glasses with distilled/Brita water after the dishwasher to have a more neutral smelling glass).

My 1855’s see the dishwasher 2-3x a week, and have for prob 3 years now. When the dishwasher is done I rinse the inside and outside of the glasses with hot water, running my hand on the outside, base and stem and swirling the water in the inside. I always see some very light soap suds when I do this. Only one of my grassl’s has that film, and its only on the base (I’ll clean it one of these days) - I suspect this is from prior to my rinsing regiment.

Anyone try that new dawn spray stuff? Just used it after a get together last night and it cleans amazingly well. Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray | Dawn Dish Soap

It is more slippery than regular Dawn so beware in not breaking a glass. Spots seem less prevalent but that may just be the drying the glasses pretty quick.

Go to towel for avoiding spots is a cotton one from King Arthur Flour these days. Mini Wheat Stripes Kitchen Towel | King Arthur Baking