Classifieds removed from Winesearcher

Starting on Dec 1 winesearcher removed their classifieds listings.

I never did order from a classified but I liked have them on there - seems like the options for private treaty trading of wine is dwindling. The more sources I know where I can possibly find wine, the better I like it.

Europe has a new auction site which does a robust wine and spirits trade - why can’t we have one here? Kind of a rhetorical question.

Because using the site would be illegal in 47 states, last I checked. Though California has enough market share to deserve one of its own, I guess.

Yeah I know it’s illegal, which is why we don’t have it, my question was more: why is it illegal?

Because this is America and we don’t believe in free enterprise! [whistle.gif]

I personally like the WineSearcher site’s features.

The ability to search for Ardeche reds, Chilean Syrah wines, all the comercially available products from a particular winery, along with various critics’ opinions on certain wines, has made me a happy shopper/browser. :slight_smile: