City Storage/City Cellars/Storage Pro Theft in San Francisco

Gabe I’m so sorry, what a shocking and maddening turn of events. A couple of years ago? Any chance that it was an inside job? Could the thieves have targeted your locker because they knew you were using it for long term storage and not frequent access?

Ugh! It happened 2 yrs ago & the storage facility didn’t review all units for tampering or notify renters to do so?!
Adding insult to injury you’ve been paying to store “air” for 2 yrs.

FBI and BATF should be alerted, along with state regulators.

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Unbelievable! What kind of morons are the operators of this place?

On security—the side access door around the wall from the main wine section rolling gate is pretty much always unlocked. One can easily go straight in without passing the office or signing in. That door can almost certainly be propped open. Not sure how much that even matters if thieves can steal 300 cases during business hours.

I also wonder how much this and other incidents triggered their notice to renters in December about automatic enrollment in StoragePROs “Storage Protection Plan” insurance.

Wow. So sorry. You are much calmer than I would be. A strong case for home storage.