Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Oh my.

Picked up a Cuisinart compressor driven machine on an Amazon sale for $200.00. I’ve been making ice cream every other week for the kids and stumbled into a cinnamon recipe.

Mind. Blown.

The subtle heat coupled with the cold and creamy mouthfeel is amazing. This is adult ice cream at its finest.

I’m using The Perfect Scoop and while I find Lebovitz’s Base to be exceptional and very reliable, I have adapted a technique from Jeni Britton Bauer’s base of some light corn syrup to reduce crystal formation.

But Cinnamon Ice Cream Rocks!

McConnell’s Churros Con Leche is my favorite. Loads of cinnamon. Not allowed in my house however.

Perhaps time to crack out the ice cream maker.

A local Chinese restaurant that closed several years ago used to serve a small scoop of cinnamon ice cream with a fortune cookie stuck in the top at the end of each meal and it was the perfect finish to the meal. It was the best Americanized Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to, the first restaurant where I was a regular and everyone knew me by name, and the ice cream was from Greenwood’s, a terrific local producer.

Haven’t made that in forever…now I am going to have to…

Churros con leche sounds exceptional and exceptionally dangerous. LOL.

Belt. Blown.

What kind of cinnamon do you use? I notice a huge difference when I use high quality Mexican cinnamon in my corned beef brine.

Try replacing the cinnamon with cardamom, I like that even better.

A real belt-buster: coffee-cinnamon ice cream, replacing one eighth of the fresh cream with sour cream. Sweeten with brown sugar topping, when served.

Good enough to corrupt your cardiologist and endocrinologist.

Victor, I’m
Lactose intolerant. I’m good for a scoop at most. The kids eat it.

For this, I grabbed the sticks at Costco. Nothing fancy. Though I am 100% aligned on how much better the region (terroir?) cinnamon can be vs ‘normal’ cinnamon. I tend to refill from
penzy’s In naperville.

Cardamon is next Stan!!

Cinnamon ice cream is amazing. Bern’s cinnamon ice cream (with their hot fudge) is my go to dessert when in TPA.

Kitchen exhaust fan. Blown.

Cinnamon cayenne!

Green cardamom salted caramel.