Cinderella Whine

Has anybody checked out Cinderella Wine?
Everytime I try to look at anew offer I get
their first June offer J. Hofstatter Gewurztraminer Kolbenhof '06
and nothing else!
Not that I always buy … but I always look.
They told me it is only a problem for a few(me)
and the fixes don’t work!
Am I all alone? [shock.gif]

Take care

been working fine for me.

edit to add: was just reading over the comments on today’s offer and there are many people indicating of issues seeing the recent offers…so it seems like this isn’t an isolated incident.

I find that often times when I go to the site, and older offer pops up first, and I have to hit Refresh, or click on “today’s offer” to see the current offer… have you tried that? I don’t have that issue at home, just at work on an older IE explorer…

Thanks Kevin
I tried those things and
clicking Prior Offers also
They said it’s a new server…
I am also on an older Explorer-maybe that’s it.

Oh well I should save my money
instead of giving it to Gary V! [whistle.gif]

Take care

I don’t go to the site every day…but mine is also showing the Hofstatter offer today.

Hey Walt
If you email them
they will send you a link so you
can see the bottle being offered!
No links or details…
They said it happened to a couple of customers…
so I guess ithat’s just you and me! [drinkers.gif]


Actually, I’m having the problem you’re having today as well, different than what I experienced previously… blush

Try this one guys:

Cinderella Wine - Ridiculously low prices for up to 24 hours only." onclick=";return false;

Thanks Eugene …you did it!


+1 [thankyou.gif] [welldone.gif]

Hey all, we changed over servers today, so it’s been reeking havoc on the Cindy site. It’s supposedly full resolved.
IF you are still having issues, hold shift, and then hit refresh in your browser. That apparently fixes it too.

That should be CTRL F5. I’m not sure SHIFT F5 does anything.

Does Cinderella wine hold their wine until the end of summer? Too hot to ship at this point? I know that is (or at least was) an issue with WTSO.

WTSO will hold wine through the summer, or at least they do now.

Absolutely! Just mark in the notes that you want us to hold until cooler weather!