Christmas / Holiday Gift Ideas

Every year I try to find wine related gifts for my list, but I suspect like many on this site I have everything I could possibly need when it comes to wine.

Corkscrews : I have some I’ve never used
Wine Glasses : a few are gathering dust as I type
Decanters : I’m pretty sure I could decant 4 bottles at the same time.
Magazine/Web site subscriptions : sometimes I forget about a subscription until I go to login.
Books : I haven’t finished the books from the last two years.

Every year I try to find something wine related but I usually just ask for a gift card to Total Wine or

I did realize this year I’ve never read Steven Spurrier’s book A Life in Wine, so that was a happy find.

I’d love to hear suggestions from fellow Berserkers.

Gift card to wine store.

Special bottle.

Tasting trip.

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Get a gift card from Truffle Shuffle. Some of their cooking classes also have a wine pairing where someone from the winery will give a brief presentation.