Christmas Comes Early! WineBid Rebates ONLY for Wine Berserkers!

Let’s brighten up this terrible year with a fantastic gift from WineBid and WineBerserkers, shall we???’s new CEO, Russ Mann, has been somewhat active on the forum lately, at my urging, and while he was sipping wine, reading a post recently about WineBid, with feedback from Berserkers (true story), he decided he wanted to give the Berserkers a gift. Here’s what we came up with:

For any WineBerserker that makes a purchase of $150+ on WineBid from now until December 27, 2020, WineBid will add a $30.00 WineBid Wallet Credit to your WineBid account AND you’ll receive a free Grand Cru Crü membership for one year!

Existing Grand Cru Crü members, you have your own special offer! Click HERE to see yours!– (only Grand Cru Crü members can see the post in this link)

More details and the sign up form (for those who are not yet GCC members) are available HERE

The ‘best online coupons and deals’ threads have been very busy lately, and here’s one JUST for Berserkers!! Happy Holidays!

The ‘back label’ points for those who don’t want to read them on the WineBid offer page, apparently: neener

The “back label”:
• Offer ends at 7pm Pacific on Sunday, December 27, 2020.
• You must be a WineBerserker without a Grand Cru Crü membership to receive this rebate & Grand Cru Crü membership.
• WineBid purchase of $150+ is determined prior to buyer’s premium or tax.
• To qualify for this rebate, $150+ must be on one invoice, and cannot be combined with other referral or new customer promotions.
• One rebate per person (based on WineBid email address, billing/shipping address, and WineBerserker username).
• WineBid Wallet Credit will be added to your account within 48 hours of weekly auction close date, regardless of Buy Now or Auction purchase.

For those unfamiliar with Grand Cru Crü, here’s a primer: GCC Members:
• See no ads
• Get sneak previews the day before BerserkerDay
• Can purchase from the Early Purchase Offers on Preview Day (BerserkerDay)
• Have longer signature capabilities
• Custom WB badge designating GCC status and importance to the world at large
• Can opt in to the WineBid Search Bar (off by default for GCC)

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This is fantastic. Thank you Todd and Russ for the deal!

I bought a Carlisle six-pack Sunday!!!

Time to buy another!

Thanks for setting that up y’all. Much appreciated.

This is awesome! Thanks for doing this Todd and Russ.

Is the invoice purchase amount over just one bottle or multiple one? I.e. can I in one invoice purchase multiple wines collectively worth $150+ or is it just over a single bottle?

I’m sure Russ will chime in on this thread but we DID discuss this - it’s not piecemeal, it’s one purchase, as it’s tough to consolidate many smaller orders

I understand it doesn’t carry over weeks. But let’s say one week I purchase three $60 bottles spending $180 that auction week, does the credit apply, or do I need to purchase a single bottle/lot worth $150+?

One auction - not one lot - several bottles but one auction, and I think they have three more big auctions before end of year

Anything if MOT or MOO?

Hi everyone! It’s true- I was drinking a nice bottle a couple weeks ago, answering some Berserker questions on shipping and discussing our new shipping functionality. You all were being so nice and appreciative, I thought- we really need to do something special for the Berserker community, and I also wanted to do something to support Todd/WineBerserkers as a site (or maybe I had just had too much wine…)

The fine print on the back label:
The credit will be applied within a few business days after your qualifying buy.
You need to register for the promotion in the links Todd posted, so we can apply the right credit- it won’t happen automagically…
You need to register by Dec 23 and make a qualifying purchase by our final auction of the year on Dec 27.
Only one credit per account. Can not be used with any other discounts/promotions.
Any questions, please use WineBid customer service online chat/email/phone.

A very happy early holidays. Hope you can all get some great wines to taste and share, even virtually for the holidays. Thanks to everyone for supporting WineBid and WineBerserkers as well.


I need to find a way to use that word again - love it! ‘Automagically’

How am I supposed to get my purchases down to $150?

if only WineBid had an offer of $300 when you spend $1500, right???

This is very nice. Can you explain how this interacts with the new member “$30 off $100” offer? If you are new, register, and make a $150 purchase which offer will apply? Are both available (even if for separate purchases)?

Wow! This is great. Thanks Todd and Russ

You are not currently a GCC member so you’d get the $30 rebate, and GCC membership for a year

Thanks a lot, Russ. I’ve been hoping to cut back. [berserker.gif]

Thanks Todd but I’m still confused. The “$30 off $100” offer that I am referring to is a WineBid thing - it is a standing offer that they have for new members.

New WineBid members? Yeah, he wanted this to be better than that offer, hence the $40