China is the #2 export market for French wine

I’m not sure that’s as surprising as the fact that Germany is #1 and the US is #4 behind Britain.

Are Chinese imports of French wine greater than their exports of French wine?

LOL I was thinking the same thing. I think China imports French wine; it doesn’t export it. Although it appears to be actively exporting non-French wine labeled as French wine

A lot of exports to U.K. probably ended up somewhere else, just like a lot of export to Singapore actually ended up in other SEA countries.

China does produce more “Lafitte” than France.

Now we need a chart for which Countries import Chinese wine the most.

I would think the real surprise is Germany being #1

Germany and China both consume much more wine than they produce. France is the second largest producer of wine in the world. This chart would probably look different if it was for classified growth bordeaux.

How would this look for say $50 + bottles ? i know UK consumes a lot of basic French table wine

Germans are chauvinistic about their cars, but not about food and wine.

The chart will start changing after March 29.

That’s a very good point – this is based on volume, not value.

Since it’s based on volume – which means this reflects boatloads of cheap wine – it’s probably not being reexported from the UK. And one should never underestimate the Brits’ capacity for drink.

Never go drinking with a Brit if you need to see the next morning, we are trained in drinking from an early age

I know. I lived there.

I’m not sure I get some of the comments above: “export market” is the usual term to describe the destination of exported goods from the point of view of the exporting country.

Whenever I go to a French wine region there are a bunch of German tourists there loading up the trunk of their BMW with a few cases bought at cellar door. Easy drive for them in a lot of cases.

My dad imported one bottle for me.

It would be very interesting to have the same chart not by tons but by euros. My fellow Germans are notoriously cheap about wine.

News flash: Rich countries which can only make crappy wine like to import vast quantities of good wine. – Captain Obvious

I disagree with the comments above re the UK weighting towards cheap french wine. I would expect the uk to move up the table if it was just for wine over $50 a bottle. London remains a huge centre for trading and storing of high end wine offshore for asian owners. That’s also unlikely to change post Brexit (whatever that turns out to be!) due to the IB system.

Great per capita effort by Belgium.