chimichurri......who's got a recipe?

So when I was in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, I was loving my beef with chimichurri and like a dipsh*t, I forgot to ask for a recipe.

There were two versions that I saw, a green one that seemed to be mostly parsley and garlic with some heat, and a red one that was dynamite. I just want to know what the chile pepper was in the hotter version.

My Argentine ex-mother-in-law’s is parsley, oregano, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, bay, and red chili flakes. It has some kick, but it’s not truly hot. The red version that we had over there last summer was more sweet than spicy-- I assumed it was roasted red peppers and maybe some sweet paprika.

I just saw a recipe in either Saveur or Bon Appetit. Both arrived this past week. Hmm… I’ll try to remember to look! Never made it myself…

My guess about the hot version would to add red pepper flakes made from ancho or cayenne peppers.