Chimère #5 Offer

Offer just arrived. Have read / heard almost nothing on this vintage. Does anyone have any insights as to the 2017 Vintage?

Letter was mailed today so should arrive soon with more info.



Current price is $600 for the mag. Remind me what prior vintages cost?

Same price the past few years at $600.


Haven’t received an email yet and have bought every past vintage.

Check your junk mail- mine was there but when I went to purchase it didn’t allow me to complete it. Also, strange.

Order went thru.

Thanks for posting!!! This was in my junk mail. I opened my '15 Chimere a couple weeks ago on my birthday and it was incredible!

Mourvèdre night. The person who brought Rayas was forgiven.

I got my first offer off the SQN list. A mag of the 2017 at $600. I have a lot of SQN in the cellar. I saw these in barrel at Chateau St Jean a few summers ago but never tasted. Any advice on buying? Ships to very limited states. Thanks