Chicagoan's- anyone try Oriole yet?

Just read some pretty stong reviews for this place- it is $$$$$

Curious if anyone has tried it???


Jay - It is on my list. I have talked to a few people that I trust that have gone and say it is wonderful. You are right it is $$$ $175pp for food IIRC. I don’t know anything about the list or if they allow corkage.

The word on the street is this place will have a star or stars(??) in the next Michelin go around.



Very interesting menu and it looks like they use some spendy ingredients.

Still, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is not my preferred style of dining. I wish them the best, though.

Noah Sandoval is pretty terrific (was the chef at Senza). The menu looks good, but I’ve cooled on multi purse prix fixe.

And moved to multi course tacos!

Soon, Grasshopper