Chicago (VInci?) Oct. 19

I’ll be in town and need to pick some retail purchase up near our usual spot at Vinci so a dinner there would be very convenient for me. Adrian has signed on but my usual Vinci whisperer, Frank P, is out of town so we’ll need a local to make the arrangements.

As usual, we should try to limit it to 6-8 folks. I assume their corkage policy is still the same - free as long as the bottle is 10 years old or older, so that will be the primary theme. As before, we can discuss what we’re bringing by e-mail once we have a group and if we get a selection of bubbles, whites, reds, stickies, etc. we can sort them into flights to have with various courses.

  1. Dave D
  2. Adrian S.
  3. Mike L.
  4. Mark T.
  5. S. Nell.
  6. R. Smith
    7 Bobby B.
    8 Clayton

1 Scott M.
2 Kevin S

I would be interested if I’m not taking up someone’s regular place.

I’d be interested Dave. It would be good to see you again. (As well as this Adrian fellow I suppose)

Hello all, I would like to attend on 10/19.

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I’m interested in attending as well.

Would love to join if there’s still space!

I also agree we should cap things at 8 people to keep things manageable.

I’ll join if you have a slot

Anyone else who’s interested, please chime in but from here on out any new entrants will have to take a slot as an alternate until a spot opens up, if it does.

I’d like to join you, if a spot is still available.

Hi Scott, it’d be good to see you again. You’re in the first alternates spot for the moment.

Hey Dave,

You can also add me as an alternate. I just joined WB today and I’m looking for folks to share great wine with.

Keep me in mind for this or future offlines. Thanks!

Hi all,

Sorry I got tied up on a major project but am resurfacing. Let’s take the nitty-gritty to e-mail. I have Adrian’s and R Smith’s but even those others of you I’ve met before don’t seem to be popping up in my address book. Please PM me your e-mail address so we can get a chat started. @Clayton_Wai-Poi @Bobby_B @s.nellessen @Mark_Thompson @Mike_Lindauer

Also, does anyone know the folks at Vinci? Or if not, do we have a local volunteer to call and book a table for 8? As we typically do, we will want to do them the favor of not hitting them during the peak of the pre-theater rush so we usually defer to them on the timing.

FWIW, no Steppenwolf Theater show on Oct 19th, they seem to be running Thur thru Sunday currently.

Wisdom from an alumnus!

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