Chicago - This Friday Lunch (7/22) French Wine at Domaine

Joel Davidson is in town, so he and I (and you?) are going to pop some bottles at Domaine on Friday for lunch.

Put your hands up if you’re interested and can make it.

Tres casual… we’ll just order in something.

I’m interested, Clayton.

Thanks for organizing, Clayton! Fairly impromptu Scott. Hope you can make it.

Do we have a time in mind? I just have to be out of there by 330-4p.

I’m in town for a family wedding and will be there with something old and from the Rhône. Thinking 2001 Pegau
I’ll be heading out by 2:30

Would be funny if we were going to the same wedding, Mel. Seems unlikely though. That 2001 Pegau is a very good wine. Had it recently. A bit Burgundian actually if memory serves. The 1999 was great as well, next to it.

I’ll probably bring a slightly young burg or champ. Either 2009 Bouchard Ancienne Cailleret, 2012 Clerget Echezeaux or 2014 Agrapart Avizoise. Any input or preferences welcome.

Was wondering that as well but our wedding is on Saturday.

Any food preferences Joel?

Pequods is quite nearby (and delivers) if you have a Chicago Deep dish tradition…

I could also just grab a bunch of sandwiches from somewhere decent and we could graze on them?

Perhaps |Burgundy (the Echezeaux?), I’ll see if i can find a Chiquet Special Club and I’ll open an aged Bordeaux of some sort (that way we’re sharing the love around the French regions!).

Is there a time that you’re starting?

My schedule is a bit hectic, so going to try to join as soon as I can, but likely cannot join until 1pm at the earliest. For planning purposes, don’t count on me joining for lunch.

Also, I imagine glassware is covered?

Hi Corey,

I’ll shoot to be there 12-12:30, but no issue with 1pm at all! Depending on others thoughts on lunch, no big deal there!

Yes they have glassware, decanters and openers (including a Durand).

Hope to see you (its been way too among!).


Hey Scott,

Join if you can. No pressure, just a casual; gathering.


I’d love to join you, Clayton.

Pequod’s sounds great!

As much as I wish I could partake, sadly I recently found out that I have to be completely gluten free. But i’m happy to help figure out some takeout otherwise. Or any places that have some decent options. I could also bring some cheese and crackers. I can totally figure out my own food if you guys want that glorious deep dish though.

Other close options might be El Tragón Taqueria, Texican, Glaze. Happy to pick up or run out, looks like they’re all pretty close. If we want to to uber eats, I’m sure we have a wide variety as well. Whatever you think guys think.

No worries! How about BBQ - Green Street Smoked Meats or Lilly Qs are open for lunch and close-ish so would both be good options.

All Together Now could also be a good option - interesting range of large and small plates.

Sounds great, i’ll defer to you on which! Thanks for accommodating.

As far as wines go, I had already placed my order before you posted. So I’ll probably bring 09 Bouchard Cailleret and a 96 Huet Le Mont 1er Trie for the end and to cover more french regions.

Big fan of both Gaston Chiquet and aged Bordeaux, looking forward to them if thats what you choose to bring.

I like Green Street Smoked meats… so we’ll go with that. I’ll get some brisket, pastrami and pulled pork and an assortment of sides.

Chiquet will depend on what I find. Lots of aged Bordeaux to pick from (although no idea what’s at Domaine).

Sounds perfect. Thanks so much.

No worries at all if you can’t find a champ, I’m happy to stop at Perman and grab something. Apparently they have a lot of in store only inventory of good grower stuff.

Oh, I’ll find some champagne. Just not sure what I’ll find. :slight_smile:

I found a couple of good bottles at home… so I’m probably going to bring:
2002 Gaston Chiquet Special Club
1989 Beychevelle

Those sound great. I’ve been meaning to try my lone bottle of that 89 Beychevelle. I had the 83 and 85 recently and both were wonderful. I wish I had some of my collection in Chicago. Maybe next time I’ll send some stuff in advance.