Chicago Michelin Guide coming soon

So any thoughts on who, if anyone, will garner 3 stars? Predictions?

Grant Achatz was quoted as saying that he believes there are 4 places(without naming them) that are doing 3 star work- Alinea, Tru, Trotters, and Seasons? L20,Everest, or Spiaggia? We shall soon see.

My guess is that Alinea is a given and anything beyond that is merely possible…this is the midwest…and the midwest is, well, the midwest and I think that will contribute a predisposition in the mind’s of the Michelin judges (though I don’t know if they are using French or American judges for US restaurant reviews). I think Tru and Trotters are certainly possibles for 3 but givens for at least 2 (a recent meal at Trotters wasn’t 3 star worthy and haven’t been to Tru in a long time)…L2O at least 2, maybe 3…just haven’t been to Everest or Spiaggia in a long time and haven’t heard anyone talking about Seasons. My guess is a slew of 1 star places, a handful of 2 star and 2-3 3 star places.

That’s what I’m thinking as well. It will be interesting to see if Schwa makes the guide.

I would think it should make the guide and do pretty well…that is if the judges were ever able to eat there the minimum number of times required… [wow.gif]

I would think it should make the guide and do pretty well…that is if the judges were ever able to eat there the minimum number of times required… [wow.gif][/quote][/quote]

Exactly-I’d like to know how they got in without blowing their cover.

Schwa’s menu says “corkage is $2.50 per person”

that means it’s $5 for 2 people no matter how many bottles you bring? or am I misunderstanding the word “corkage”?

I haven’t been there is a while, but I think you are right - when I last went a couple years ago we had 10 bottles or so and don’t recall being charged on a per bottle basis or it would have made a big difference. Corkage is really not a concern there, though you will have to serve yourself and if you are bringing good wine may want to bring your own wine glasses.

I believe that’s right a straight charge, not a per bottle charge. It’s been several years since I’ve been there-would love to put a offline together with the right group.Perhaps we could procure a reservation for the fall of 2011 [wow.gif]

The difficulty with an offline there is that they really like to turn the tables and at least for pretty much every offline I’ve been to, it is an all-evening type of thing.

The last time we ate there they were fine with the fact that we were there for over 3 hours. Gettting the reservation is the fun part.

Alinea should get three and I would suspect that is the only three star. From my recent visits to Tru, Trotter’s and L20, Tru and L20 would be much more likely to get three than Trotter’s which isn’t what it used to be. Probably 2 stars but certainly not 3. Spiaggia 2 and have’t been to Everest or Avenues in quite some time.


I was pretty surprised to see that SF trailed NYC by only 3 restaurants in total (to get a star rating). Looking at the other restaurants on the list of NYC and SF-I’m thinking there will be several restaurants in Chicago that end up with 1 star ratings that believe that they deserve more- this should make for some pretty good local drama. [snort.gif]

ChiTrib interview (kind of) with the Chicago Michelin Inspectors

The plot thickens…

I would guess alinea gets 3. L2O, Spiaggia and True deserve 2 IMHO. Last time we were at Trotters it was horrible and didn’t deserve a mention. I’m sure Schwa will get a star as people really love to love a place like this. Quirky chef and offbeat place. Shows the judges aren’t really stuffy even if they really are.

I think L2O and, maybe, Alinea as 3’s (I’m not sure how the judges will react to Alinea’s whimsey). Fortunately, I have reservations to both in December.

Seems to be a consensus building. Although if their star rating is truly based on “food alone”(which it says in the guide) I would think that L20, Spiaggia,Tru, and Everest would have long shot odds to surprise. We may end up with more 2’s and and certainly less 3’s that we’d like to think. I would say we have pretty decent odds of having the most 2’s between the 3 cities in the US that they’ve covered thus far.

Some other interesting sub-plots will be what kind of recognition Topo get’s as well as Arun’s.

Alinea 3
Topo, L20, Spiaggia, Everest, Trotters 2
GE, NoMi, LeNomades, Avenues, TRU, Boka -1

Schwa gets left off.


Knowing the way Michelin seems to have set precedent, I wouldn’t be surprised if Alinea were the only 3. I’d guess there are six 2* and at least 15 1* . In SF only French Laundry got 3* in the first editions, with Meadowood being added for 2011

I don’t know the Chicago scene that well, but personally would not give Trotter 2* if Tru gets only 1*. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them both get 2*, but would demote Trotters to one before Tru. I went to Avenues last trip and definitely think it deserves 1*, maybe even 2* if they give that to more than six places. I noticed that one of the favorite dishes of the inspector quoted was the king carb dish at Avenues.

It seems kind of odd to me that room, settings, service, and wine aren’t purportedly a part of the star rating.

Is that it!?