Chicago, December 9

I will be in town on Friday and Saturday, to visit my parents. Anyone up for dinner? Thanks.

Friday, 6:30PM, at Bin 36, 339 North Dearborn.


  • one
    Chris Freemott
    Debbie Holm
    Mark Fister and wife
    Amy C.
    Megan M.

George and Anne Hejna

I’m in!

is this for friday or saturday?

Preferably Friday, so that I can take my parents to NoMi on Saturday for some 1989 and 1990 LMHB and 1927 Madeira. Thanks.

I’d prefer to go to the one at NoMi

I would have to clean you first, with a Chinese feather duster.

for 89/90 LMHB, i am willing [wow.gif]

Has anyone been here?
George H. presented this as an alternative with better food perhaps. I still need to check on its corkage policy.

I’m interested

Perennial is good. They brought in a new chef a few months ago and the reviews have been great. I believe it made the Bib Gourmand list. The Tribune actually wrote it up about a week ago: C'est la Vie? – Chicago Tribune

I am not sure the corkage policy there. But, I am sure they would work something out.

Perennial is very good indeed!

Perennial Virant limits corkage to two bottles TOTAL per table. Oh, well……
So, at this point, Bin 36 should be our fallback, pending other suggestions. Thanks.

I’m interested.

That is true for the Boka Group restaurants…but they have been know to bend this rule…I don’t have any pull at this place, but others might. Would be a big food upgrade from Bin 36.

I will put a call in at Perennial and see if I can get them to waive the 2 bottle max.

If we are allowed approximately one bottle per person, even at a reasonable corkage fee, that would be great.
Regardless if this works or not, let me know if you wish to join.

Talked to Perennial. They actually do not have space for a group of 10 on December 9. They said they would call me if anyone cancels and would likely be able to work something out with respect to the wine. So I will let you know if I hear back. For now, however, probably should find another place.

Thanks for being so helpful.
Regardless if this works or not, let me know if you wish to join.

I am definitely interested. I just have to wait and see on some work issues before I can commit. If I am free then I would like to participate.

I will ask Bin 36 if our group can be bumped to nine persons, as the reservation is currentlly for eight persons.