Chicago Burgundy Tasting - Thoughts for Locations

Some friends and I are thinking about putting together a Red Burg tasting in Chicago. We were trying to think of a good location. Perhaps somewhere with charcuterie, cheese, or good small bites that we could have along with the wine. Does anyone have a suggestion for BYO restaurants that we could use as a location? Alternatively, any thoughts on restaurants that might lets us open some wine for a fee that are not generally BYO (like possibly Publican)?

Right now, we are just in the planning stages, but we are open to expanding and welcoming some additional people. So, let me know if this sounds interesting to you. We are looking at May 6 or May 7.

We had a burg tasting at Kiki’s Bistro last fall and it was a great venue. Also Randolph Tasting Room on Randolph may work

+1 on Kiki’s Bistro. That was a great offline and the service there was really good. One resource I suggest you try using is Metromix. Here is link to their homepage:

Go to the Restaurants tab and you will find a filtering interface on the lefthand side. One option is BYO. Others let you search by location/neighborhood, style, etc. Note that a number of restaurants may not be BYO, but will let you bring wine and you can negotiate various rates or a cap if you plan to have a large group. Some places don’t charge corkage for wine older than some threshold (e.g. 10 years or more).

Will be out of town that weekend, but if this gets rescheduled, I might interested in joining.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will check those out. As soon as the details get finalized, I will post and then anyone is welcome.

Id be interested but cant do the 5-8th

Well. If it works out I’m likely free most weekends in may.

It looks like we are going to shoot for Saturday, May 7, 2011 at Ruxbin. If you are interested in coming, shoot me a PM.